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Is what the Bible says about 'diverse scales' applicable to working on commission?

Apr 17, 2015
Hi there, this is my first post, hopefully this will be a fruitful place to ask questions. I was raised a Christian and have always had a belief in God but my faith and walk with God has really been taken to a new level in the past few years, particularly this year the intensity has increased greatly and I have many questions.

Here is one that I have been struggling with lately.

I am a Realtor and at times I find myself feeling very guilty about how we are paid. At times I have thought the devil misled me to this career path, but after much prayer about the subject I have determined it is God that brought me here and that God wants me to stay here. I have come to this conclusion because while it sometimes seems the profession is filled with unethical people and can lead you down the wrong path, God knows I work for the best of my clients and want what is best for them, and that can be of great benefit to them saving them from future financial distress or other problems.

With that said, sometimes I just don't understand why when I work for a seller who owns a $250,000 home I make half as much as a seller who owns a $500,000 home and I make 3 times as much selling a $750,000 home as the $250,000 home. (Okay, so to be real we generally cut our commission a little when it goes that high and spend a little more marketing, but probably 2.5-2.75x as much) Sometimes it is even easier to sell the $750k home than the $250k home, depending on the situation. Obviously, commission is negotiable and everyone has the opportunity to interview various agents, try to fsbo, or even use one of many discount brokers. In fact, at one point I felt so guilty I said I would offer to sell homes for 4.5% to save them money, I also had the idea that it would work well on my behalf if people were pleased with my service and enjoyed the discount, it would spread like wildfire. I thought God would bless this idea, but tried as I may people did not take me up on my offer. They seemed to believe the 'you get what you pay for' or that I was trying something underhanded or deceptive but I was not, I honestly thought it would help me grow my business and save them money at the same time. When I returned to requesting 5 - 6% people once again became much more eager to hire me.

However, sometimes I return to my feelings of guilt and feel like it is just too much money for any home over the 250-400k ball park. I liken it to what if the restaurant charged you based on how much you weighed rather than the entree you ordered?
The commissions paid to real estate sales people and brokers is pretty standard throughout the USA. So you aren't cheating anyone or making more than you deserve.

Uneven scales refers to scales that are intentionally off so that the customer gets less for his money than he thinks he's getting and should get. It is theft by fraud.

You're not doing that. You tell people up front what your fee will be and you don't charge more than the going rate.

If you feel that you make too much, give some away! (I'll send you my address. JUST KIDDING!) There are plenty of organizations that help people in need.

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