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Jesus to return 2028?


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Feb 15, 2018
who said that those who disagree with you aren't watching? if you are focused on Jesus where is that in the bible a cause to be cast into hell?
I'm into eschatology because of the symbolism that often points to what is found in the torah and the beauty of that.

the revalation of Our Lord Jesus Christ. symbols mentioned are describing His image that is also referred to in the books of exodus, Ezekiel, Daniel that are often used by Isreal with the tabernacle. its awesome if you see that.
Aug 4, 2005
I won't make any date assertions but.....

1) About the web site (OP) it is based off of the idea of 6 days given to man (millenniums) and the 7th is a Sabbath rest. Seems that there has been both historically and presently some that believe that. Not sure when the 7th begins. If you go by the Jewish calendar it's only 5778 years since creation.

2) "No man knows the day or hour" is not anything about the timing, but a command to watch. The feast of Trumpets is the only major holiday the Lord gave that falls on a new moon. Problem is, the month could not start until the new moon was sighted, so the people themselves did not know the timing of that feast until witnesses came forth. The theme is not about date prediction, but WATCHING. So we are to watch and pray so that we are worthy to escape such things.

3) Like a chess game, I see the pieces being moved into place for the final checkmate. We are not there yet IMO as some things I see have to take place yet before the end but we are close enough to watch and not be taken by surprise.
Nov 20, 2017
What makes you so sure about this? Are you calling Jesus a liar? The fact is He specifically stated that nobody knows the exact day and hour except for God. I think that part is really clear.
Nobody knows the day or hour but my Father... is a Hebraic idiom that refers to a Jewish wedding, in which the Father of the groom makes the preparations for everything and when everything is ready, then it will take place, in which only the Father knows when.

This was understood by His audience at the time Jesus said this.

Sep 10, 2012
Jesus said know one knows the day and hour he would come.Thats all he said.He didn't say anything about a month or year.
He also didn't say that no one could know the day jerusalem,would be desolate.In fact he said you could.
In fact the bible tell the date jerudalem would be desolate 1290 days in advance.That part is very clear.
About that day Jesus spoke of He didn't give a year or month He stated know one knows the day or hour,(which is clear to most all He didn't know), except the Father who set that day by His own authority. Its also clear the Father didn't want to give the date to man as He kept it to Himself. I would state Rev 11 is a sign that can't be mistaken.
Apr 17, 2015
Fine. Believe what you want then. I really don't care. I'm not going to spend my time worrying about it though. I have far too many things to do with it still than being paranoid about something that probably isn't even going to happen until I'm in Heaven anyway.
:thumbsup Absolutely!

Jesus made the point that we need to be found being faithful to OUR business when He comes and not be wasting our time trying to figure out when He will come because that's HIS business.
His business is returning.
Our business is to be faithfully doing the work He gave us to do.
(See the parables at Mat 24:45-51; Mat 25:1-13; and Mat 25:14-30.)

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