King and a Kingdom or it's about Him not His name

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    I agree with you my friend. Jesus was a King at His birth. That's why royalty came and gave Him Kingly gifts. He was a King growing up. He was a King during His short years teaching and preparing His Disciples. He was a King hanging on the cross. He is our King Who is seated at the right hand of the Majesty on high. And His Kingdom is soon to appear on the earth for those who believe in the King Jesus the Christ of God....GLORY TO GOD.
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    Yes Jesus Christ was, is, and will always be all that.

    Still there is a point for noting all this, and that is that many don't seem to really grasp what that means and can mean to all of us today in our own lives. The point is that we have access to the King of kings and even to His kingdom, and He is a great, mighty, wise, and powerful king, and His kingdom that serves Him is under Him and likewise great, mighty, wise, and powerful, and God wants us to have it and be part of it!!! Yet we ignore the King and His kingdom instead of seek it!! And it shows when Christians don't seem to know about it. We don't just have salvation in the future, we have a kingdom of power now, a kingdom with not only The King of kings and Lord of lords, but those He reigns over and are they not all ministering spirit sent by our Lord to us saints? They are! And we can seek that kingdom now! So why don't we?

    Are we saying, "His Kingdom is soon to appear?" Well yes, soon all of earth will see it and know about it, but it is available to be found by those who believe right now!!!! Seek and you shall find, ask and it will be open to you. That's the good news. We can have a King, our King Jesus Christ and His kingdom now, right now, not later! And that is the good new message!!! That's the point. It's not about His name, Jesus Christ, it's about Him and the reality of Him now, if we care to believe, and that means seek Him and His kingdom now.
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