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[ Testimony ] Listen and learn

Apr 7, 2016
The Lord is always teaching me things, and He has the strangest way of doing it, Still, it all starts with seeking His voice by faith.

I was a retail manager, and one day while processing the boxes that we had just taken off the truck I was talking to the Lord while working. There was another manager helping me. She was from eastern Europe. I think Bosnia, but I'm not sure and wasn't sure then.

We were working on Easter merchandise which had just come in. It was kind of quiet and so I asked the Lord if perhaps there was something I should bring up. He told me to ask the other manager what holidays they celebrated where she came from. It seemed like a nice thing to ask, but I never could have imagined what was about to be told to me. She didn't tell me about the holidays.

She look up and said, "They killed them. They killed them.!" Tears instantly started flowing down her face. "The Orthodox killed them." And she started telling me how she had grown up going to school with them and how they came into her house and kill her father and brothers in front of her. I was hearing a true account of the ethnic "cleansing" that happen during the Bosnia and Serbian war a couple of decades ago. A story of such cruelty that it shook me up just listening to the account.

Before I finish, I just want to let everyone know that it is not about the Orthodox Church. They are not bad. They are a Christian church. But this about what happens because we don't listen to the Lord. And He knows. He knows all that happen. He obviously knew what had happened to this Muslim lady and how those, even those that somehow represented His name and Christianity, had really hurt this lady and how they killed.

I didn't find out what holidays they celebrated. I did find out that she was Muslim. But what I really learn that day from listening the Lord, was that He knows. He knows the hurts that everyone has and He cares.

To go on; I stood there shocked as she broke down in tears. She went to the break room and another manager meet her there and comforted her, and loved on her. The other manager (also a lady) was a wonderful Pentecostal lady who knew and heard from the Lord well. So the Lord was able to help this hurting lady and clear His name. He was able to teach us all a lesson.

I was still standing there in the stockroom wondering what all had just happening in front of me, when the other manager came in and asked me, "Karl, what happened?" I told her that the Lord asked me to ask what holidays they celebrated and she just started telling me how her family was killed in front of her.

"Oh", was the only response and she headed instantly back to the break room. She knew the Lord well. Her parents had been Pentecostal pastors. She knew instantly what was happening and how to handle it. I love people that hear from Him like that. He can use them., but note: His ways are not your ways. As high as the heaven is above the earth, so are His ways above our ways. We just need to listen.
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