Make 'em Wonder What You've Got

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    “Make ‘em Wonder What You’ve Got”
    By Zach Wood
    Colossians 4:5-6 NLT
    Live wisely among those who are not believers, and make the most of every opportunity. Let your conversation be gracious and attractive so that you will have the right response for everyone.

    Back in 1994, Newsboys released the hit song “Shine”. In the chorus, they sing “Shine. Make ‘em wonder what you got. Make ‘em wish that they were not, on the outside looking bored.”

    This was one of my favorite songs from the band for many years. It was catchy and just plain fun to sing and dance to. But most importantly, it had a great message. The song was about how we need to shine as Christians and show the world what they are missing by not having the awesome life of Christ.

    The Apostle Paul, in this passage from the NLT, says to let our conversations be gracious and attractive. We often do things in life to make ourselves look good, don’t we? When we go to a wedding or a funeral, we usually wear something formal because we want to look nice for the occasion. When we go to an interview, we dress up to make a good impression. When we go on a special date with a girlfriend/boyfriend, fiancé, or spouse, we often dress up because we want to look good for them.

    Often times, we put in a lot of time and attention to make ourselves look good because it’s a special event. I can’t help but to think about how we prepare ourselves everyday for the special occasions for when we get into conversations with others. So often, we put so much attention on our job duties and other things, but we spend little time tending to our attitudes and the words we say to others.

    Paul has told us to live wisely among those who don’t believe and make the most of every opportunity. As we live our daily lives, are we living in such a way that makes people around us wonder what we’ve got? Do we make them wish they were not out the outside looking bored as the Newboys sing about? Do we shine for others to see?

    Everything we do every day should catch the attention of others and make them wonder why we do what we do. The words we say. The way we do things. Why we don’t say words most others are saying. The way we won’t go along with others who are telling off-color jokes.

    Are we making them wonder what we’ve really got? Are our words and actions “attractive” to them, making them “itch” to find out why we are so different? I hope so. Shine!
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    This also reminds me of that song "This Little Light of Mine". I am going to let it shine as when I do others see things in me they can not understand, but want and this opens a door to let that light of Christ shine in them too as the door of witness and testifying of the Lord leads others to Christ.
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