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    Oct 23, 2010
    Dad's career is on a high note, going well, etc. He gets stressed w/ it sometimes, but...nothing like back in the day. Mama's been able to retire, and at this point...she seems happier, more content. They have more resources now, they're older, mellowed. God is good!

    They both talk to me now and then. I see now that The Lord's work in my life...well, I'll call it One Massive Miracle, basically...and I now hope+pray that He'll use His work in my life to facilitate HIs work in their lives.

    I see my parents...especially my ways I haven't since I was much younger (I'm 33 now). Its like...upward mobility -has- definite benefits, but it also comes at a price. Kids, teenagers...don't get that. I certainly didn't. I do now, of course. I was a lot of things (NPD, junkie, ingrate, etc.) that I am no longer, thanks to Christ. The Lord has also added a number of things unto me, which is...amazing grace, really it is.

    So...yeah. I praise God for my loving, kind, generous, long-suffering parents. They were (are?) both Calvinist. Dad was raised up in a close-knit, Calvinist, 2nd and 3rd generation immigrant community. Calvinist church, Calvinist school, Calvinist college...the whole shebang. These days, he pops in at a megachurch loosely affiliated w/ the SBC. I realize --now-- that I've been judgmental, harsh, and hypocritical, which...of all people, --I-- shouldn't be engaging in all that, LOL.

    Point is...they both know Scripture, plus a heft dose of theology. Nothing wrong with that, I'm sure. But...John Calvin never saved a single soul, am I right? I just hope+pray that they'll both have an encounter with Christ. Maybe they have already, and they got me, by church people, by life...and now is a good time for them to get to know Jesus (again...). I don't know, clearly. To be honest, my parents are something of a mystery to me.

    OK. I'm blessed beyond measure, and so are my parents. You know where most burned out, ungrateful junkies go? --not-- here, where I am, writing this, that's for sure. My parents have stood between me and a cold, uncaring, horrible world this whole time, and I've only now become able to show genuine appreciation and understanding of the situation.

    Thanks. :)
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