Mosab Hassan Yousef – the “Green Prince”

Discussion in 'Christianity & Other Religions' started by Mike, Aug 14, 2017.

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    Mar 13, 2010
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    I was listening to an episode of a podcast called "Spycast" which is hosted by a retired CIA operative and all about US intelligence and espionage. Great podcast, BTW. In this episode, he interviewed Mosab Hassan Yousef who was a high ranking Muslim, converted to Christianity over time, and then served as a spy for the U.S and Isreal.

    I'm sure I've read about him in the past, but his story felt new to me. What an amazing story! There are plenty of videos on YouTube to find by searching his name. Honestly, it is amazing that he's still alive today. He doesn't have much good to say about Islam.

    There must be members who know a lot about him. Anyone care to share?

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