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Newly-released DoD video purportedly shows Navy pilot's encounter with UFO

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Notice how all this stuff about UFO's are coming out now and with even the military admitting to these sightings now? A friend listens to this late night radio show that talks about this kind of topic. She said even the NYTimes had an article weeks ago concerning UFO's. And that in June of this year it's going to be revealed that governments have always known about UFO's. That's why, according to this radio show she listens to, we're seeing more and more articles reporting sightings. Even by government sources and that they're years old says those video's were released with permission for that purpose.

Should be an interesting summer. And two years ahead with President Trump in office. And assured of re-election in that there's no one out there that can touch him with regard to popularity among the working class.
OK, I'm really looking forward to summer now. :wink

That's pretty wild.

Think of the astronauts that have seen things while at the ISS, International Space Station.

There's a scientist who boasts a huge alphabet of credentials starting with astrophysicist. He writes books and lectures all over the place claiming his education leads him to believe he can teach you to believe there is no other intelligent life in the universe. Nowhere. In all the vast reaches of space that we haven't even seen yet because our technology can't yet take us there. But he's sure that we're the most intelligent life anywhere at all. :lol

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Hi peeps.
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UFO discussions are in that category of conspiracy theories so is therefore prohibited. ;) We're probably going to adopt more specific language in the TOS as this topic seems to continue to pop up.
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