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Feedback next: christianity vs. science forum


Nov 3, 2002
Brutus/HisCatalyst said:
Nope, no escaping this one, Vic.

[quote="Vic in the String Theory thread":67d64]Maybe a Christianity and Science Forum is not a bad idea at all.
Your as much a part of this as Vorlon and I. 8-)[/quote:67d64]

Well, I passed your request on to Logan so the ball is in his court now. :wink:
Aug 27, 2001
I really don;t like this idea one bit. I mean, this is a ridiculous idea for a forum. Well, ok, I'm just joking, it is a great idea (wish I thought of it). Sorry for taking so long to get back on this issue. Things have been hectic around here getting adjusted to this new married life, new job, and a new state to live in. I will create the new forum tonight.


Brutus/HisCatalyst said:
Hey i can't take all the credit. It was really Vorlon and Vic who thought of the Idea. I just knew where to put the proposal. 8-)
I think the title is off and misleading. Christianity is not opposed to science.

It should be :"Christianity and science."

The two cannot be separated.

Or you could Christianity verses bad Science.

The title makes it sound like Christians have their heads in the sand.

Bad choice.

Trust me I am never wrong.

My wife, bless her heart, thinks I am a know it all.

Don't tell her otherwise. Shhh! ;-)
Feb 17, 2004
destiny said:
God IS science!!

Can't get one over on that Truth.

Nothing but the truth. :biggrin

God IS the creator of it all.

So who would know better about science (and good and evil) but God?