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No Jesus on school playground

Aug 16, 2015
In a certain sense, there really is no such thing as secularism. Remove Christianity from schools and will simply be replaced with another faith-based system of belief and practice, such as Secular Humanism.

All belief systems are faith-based. No exceptions. This is usually the first thing I mention when confronting an atheist who is prancing around on their imaginary high horse accusing Christians of of being "stupid" or "irrational." Usually this sets them back on their heels and they tone down their rhetoric, presumably because it embarrasses them. Many atheists are brainwashed into believing that Christian=stupid. This breeds overconfidence, and they end up overstepping. This sets them up for the following reality check.

They believe in 'something from nothing.'

They believe that time+chance makes anything possible.

Those faith-based assumptions are irrational, stupid, and serve as the foundation of their worldview and informs almost all of their guiding principles. So their worldview is actually faith-based. However, many atheists are seemingly ignorant of this and are not used to Christians pointing it out.

I take it one step further by reminding them that their system of belief and practice is religious. They honor man-wielding-science as God. They have their fanatics, their high priests, their religious rituals, their practice of proselytizing, etc. They also "push" their beliefs on everyone else.

I usually reference the federally recognized religion called Secular Humanism.

First knock them of their fabricated pedestal.

SO my typical opening goes something like this:

Atheist: The world would be better off without religion. We live in the 21st century. It is hard to believe that people still believe in fairy-tales.

Me: So your fairy-tales of 'something from nothing' and 'time+chance makes anything possible' is enough for you? You have placed yourself within your own cross-hairs. You practice a religion, its called Secular Humanism. All belief systems are faith-based. No exceptions. Your fairy-tales are entirely faith-based and they inform nearly all of the guiding principles that make up your worldview.

They then might respond with saying that there is a third option: Agnosticism. I then respond by pointing out that an appeal to ignorance hardly qualifies them to judge creationism. For judging creationism to be false indicates that they are not taking a neutral position.

This is one result of removing Christianity from schools:
Hi Politico. The forum site has one advantage to the skeptic over the one who would offer an explanation. That is that explanations take longer to explain but you can raise a doubt or a critism in less words then it takes to explain out an issue. With that forum I think they want more people's opinions instead of dominating a thread by a few being long winded. So the forum restricts the number of words per post and number of posts per day.

This was an issue in a converstation so I understand why Oz would be interested in our activity in that thread, or that forum in general.

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