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[__ Prayer __] no, really; MOVE FORWARD!

Once again...its me, lol.

I get stuck in my past. Its...odd. A lot of my problems are from psychiatric "treatment," at least...what I experienced back in the day. Confidentiality violations, all kinds of labels, shock 'treatments,' a lobotomy...fun times (note the sarcasm). And yet...

here I am, by God's grace, bright eyed, healthy, I even have a respectable IQ estimate, no obvious signs of brain damage, etc. God is good! But I do get stuck in the past, a bit too, too, too much. Lots of stuff happened. I was exploited after the first round of (involuntary) shock, age 20, guys took and distributed pictures, a shrink from that hospital would laugh in my face in public, on and on it went, blah blah blah.

That was a while ago. I'm 33 now, and I'm remarkably healthy and--gasp--whole, despite my own sins and things that were done to me. So...in light of God's goodness, especially towards me, and my parents' goodness towards me, I ask that you pray that The Lord gives me what I need to move forward, for realsies.

Thanks. :)