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[ Testimony ] Not my prayer that he was looking for

Sep 30, 2014
Hi Everyone. I have a testimony that may open some eyes, just as it opened mine a little more. We had a guinea pig that was part of the family. Our pig's name was Steve. (all our animals have people names). We bought Steve 5 years ago and he was supposed to be my daughter's.
Well, a couple years into taking care of Steve she lost interest, so my husband grew an attachment to this pig. Every morning he would feed Steve some hay. Also right before bed he would take Steve out of the cage, hand feed him some carrots and talk to the little guy. Needless to say, they had an obvious bond to anyone who knows us.
This past weekend we were going on a camping trip and it was going to be over 2 nights. My husband gave Steve tons of hay and tried to make it nice for him while we were gone. Steve didn't even look at the stuff and went into his house with his back turned to us. That was weird, cause usually he can't resist hay.
We got back from camping and my son and I got to Steve first. He was sitting in the exact same spot and hadn't touched his water, food or hay since we had left. I was convinced he had died! My son then noticed there was movement, but Steve was jerking around erratically. We yelled for my husband and daughter to come over and we all went outside with him. It was a dramatic scene to say the least. He would secrete white liquid from his eyes and then convulse like I've never seen before.
We're all around this little pet and I'm saying a prayer out loud for God to take him. I said, "Jesus, I commit Steve into your loving arms." I wanted God to take him out of his misery and my whole family was beyond distraught! Well, the drama did not cease. Steve somewhat calmed down and everyone kind of dispersed and we put him back in the cage.
I was the only one that stayed at the cage and he started to flip on his back and I could see something in his throat. I did a figure sweep on the guy and tried to do the Heimlich on him.(Don't ask). He then had hiccups and my husband came over. I then got a call from my mom and had to answer it, so it was just my husband and Steve. While I was on the phone, my hubby said, "I think Steve died". I got off the phone and sure enough, he died.
My husband said he had told Steve that it's okay to go and that he will see him and the cat that we had for 18 years in heaven. At that moment, Steve died. I had the realization that it was not about me and my prayer that needed to be answered, but that God granted the prayer to the One person that needed it to be answered. My husbands prayer for Steve to go and he'll see him later. God is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

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