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    This Greek word basically means "these things all taken together", not partially, not by piece and partial.

    3956. pas ►
    Strong's Concordance
    pas: all, every
    Original Word: πᾶς, πᾶσα, πᾶν
    Part of Speech: Adjective
    Transliteration: pas
    Phonetic Spelling: (pas)
    Short Definition: all, the whole, every kind of
    Definition: all, the whole, every kind of.
    HELPS Word-studies
    3956 pás – each, every; each "part(s) of a totality" (L & N, 1, 59.24).

    3956 /pás ("each, every") means "all" in the sense of "each (every) part that applies." The emphasis of the total picture then is on "one piece at a time." 365 (ananeóō) then focuses on the part(s) making up the whole – viewing the whole in terms of the individual parts.

    [When 3956 (pás) modifies a word with the definite article it has "extensive-intensive" force – and is straightforward intensive when the Greek definite article is lacking.]

    Usually translated as "all", panta makes these remarkable eschatological appearances in the following verses:

    Matthew 5:18
    Matthew 23:36
    Matthew 24:33-34
    Luke 21:22
    Luke 21:32
    Luke 21:36

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