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The CE&P forum can be a LOT of work for the moderation team. It was hoped that, after the election, things would calm down here, but that has not happened to the degree expected.

While this is not an overtly theological forum, it is still part of CF and the TOS of CF apply here as much as anywhere else. How we speak to one another DOES matter, and many comments here are obvious violations of our TOS. Specifically, there seem to be two issues here that MUST be dealt with.

1) The most notable issue here is the ongoing tone of disrespect.

Looking at highlights of our TOS:

Give other members the respect you would have them give to yourself. (ToS 2.4)
Address issues/ideas, not persons or personalities. Do not insult, publicly post derogatory opinions of others, post insinuation to belittle or discredit, or otherwise create a hostile environment. Present evidence for support or rebuttal during debate. Bashing the author of another view or opinion is not evidence.

This does not mean that you cannot disagree with someone's post or statements. Simply stating "I disagree with you because..." is not a problem. However, responses that insult or appear to intentionally offend are out of bounds.

This is a "Term of Service", that is, failure to follow this guideline will result in moderator action.

2) The second most notable issues is the attitude that the poster has the right/abilty/insight/authority to question another person's spiritual walk or relationship.

Looking again at highlights of our TOS:

Do not post opinions of another member's claim of Christian faith. (ToS 2.4)
Publicly judging someone as not being a Christian and/or not following Christ unless they themselves claim not to be a Christian is disallowed. That's between them and the Lord. This includes judgments against collective beliefs or groups in general.

Consider this specific quote of TOS 2.4:

Respect where others are in their spiritual walk, do not disrupt the flow of discussion or act in a way that affects others negatively including when debating doctrinal issues, in the defense of the Christian faith, and in offering unwelcome spiritual advice. (Emphasis mine)

While there ARE those who show up here looking for spiritual advice, that is not happening in CE&P; unwanted spiritual advice is against our TOS. This is a "Term of Service", that is, failure to follow this guideline will result in moderator action. Please read thru the TOS again right now, (you agreed to the TOS when you joined, but it is human nature to forget what is in the TOS).

"Moderator Action" shall include awarding of warning points (as in the past); going forward, on moderator discretion, members will be banned from a specific thread for a period of 1 to 7 days in cases of repeated or severe infractions.

The tone here must change. THINK ABOUT THIS: CE&P is one of the forums that can be read by all on the internet - in CE&P, we bear witness to Christ every time we post.

Do YOU want to be part of the reason that someone reads something here and mumbles, "Look, there goes that 'Jesus' again...." ?

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