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Plug for J.D. Skipworth sites!



Have had some updates.

Recently updated my SGC forum from version 1.0.5 to the latest stable version 1.0.6

Updated my Bible Talk A2Z forum today from 1.1 rc1 to 1.1 rc2 and hopefully not to much longer the 1.1 final will be available. I hope! 8-)

So drop on by and check them out. :wink:


A well how about a shameless St. Paddy's Day plug bump here. :oops: :-D

Just a note also. Guest do not see all that is there in the forums. :lol: 8-)

Aug 5, 2005
Skipdawg said:
Yes I have done a little modifying and tweaking. 8-)
I have also. I want to put a animated spinning earth next to my Musicians Friend logo on my site. The only problem is finding the HTML code for it ti put in my wrapper. Like the barking dog on your site did you use HTML to put it there ?


The Bible talk a2z forum has been up for 4 months today and the SGC forum has been upgraded from SMF 1.0.7 to version 1.1 RC2 ;-)

Drop by and check them out. Also added a redirector board on both forums to each other. 8-)

3ed site is now live Christian Vets. See my sig. :wink:


WOW August already! Where dose the time go? :)
This month the 18th my SGC forum will hit it's one year mark! :o

I think I will start trying to wake the forums up a bit now and see if I get get them out of bed getting more active by September. I hope.

But do know many don't give up on Summer time activities at least in the states till after labor day. 8-)


This will be my last plug on this till after New Years 2007 and then may just start fresh and let this drop into the void. 8-)

My forums have been upgraded to SMF RC3 and I have personalized them a little more and added a links page. I had the links boards already which will remain for now just in case the links pages cause problems. :)

The forums now also have UTF8 support. I think phpBB already has it can't recall. :-?

Also the search tool has been improved allot too and have the option now of using CAPTCHA if the need arises.

You all have a good one and God bless. :wink: