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Reassurance sought



Hello :)

I'm in my mid-20s and I've been a Christian for about 11 months. I've done a lot of self-searching and have altered quite drastically, as you would imagine for someone who considered God a ridiculous concept for over 20 years! Unfortunately, I don't feel comfortable enough voicing my interpretations/conclusions out loud, and don't have much of a forum to do so in my current church. I've put them in a blog, and would really appreciate someone making sure I'm on the right path with what I think. I haven't covered much, so any ideas of things to look into/write about would be GREATLY appreciated too. Sorry if this is the wrong thing to do
Aug 24, 2012
Hi Quentin and welcome in Jesus' name. I hope you find answers to your search for truth in your own life, discover the work God has provided in your behalf, and that your life will be changed in the way to become an example of what God can do in us that believe Him.
Blessings in Christ Jesus. :wave2

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