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[__ Prayer __] recovering, by God's grace

Oct 23, 2010
me, yet again. You know...this "severe mental illness" is a funny thing. "All the good things come from The Lord," so... I have Him to thank for my life, health, intelligence, family, faith, hope, the love I can show others, etc. God is good!

Then there's the "affliction," if you will. Not something to be taken lightly. I see now why electroshock and operations were so popular back in the day. Shutting people up, making people simple(r), docile, etc., is a lot easier and less time consuming than actually being -with- someone, human being to human being. Especially in the world of Mental Health, Inc. circa 2017, very few "professionals" want to be -with- someone in their suffering, in their confusion. Label them, sure. Bill them...oh, yes. But be -with- them/us? Nope.

So...for someone who had so much brain damage...I'm doing remarkably well, intellectually. The high(er) IQ estimate...well, it makes me feel that God has made and is making me whole. Some "psychiatric survivors" write of their shock treatments, operations, etc. as being a deep violation. I agree. Such "treatment" goes to the core of a person. I -was- obviously, severely brain damaged. Now...I don't know how my brain cells are doing, but I have the high(er) IQ estimate, and I don't have "frontal lobe syndrome" (apathy, childishness, inability to concentrate and stay on task, etc...common w/ lobotomies and heavy shock...).

"Recovery." What does it mean, really? I may never have a j-o-b. That is...what it is. Between my parents and disability, I get what I need and then some. Life is more than one's vocation, especially for Christians. I may never have a family of my own, or...wow. Much of my own, really. "The world waits for no one." At least I've been spared prison, the state hospital, more brain damage, etc. God is good!

Where to from here? I don't know. I do pray for guidance, and for The Lord to soften my heart so I can and will be guided, more easily. I also Praise The Lord (!!!) for His infinite goodness and love and mercy. 'twas grace that saved a wretch like me, that's for sure.

OK. I'll wrap it up now. Thanks for the prayers, support, replies, etc. :)

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