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Return to Grace: Restoration Ministry for the Backslider

Sep 26, 2016

This site is a basic stage one effort for a restoration ministry called: Return to Grace: Restoring Those That Fall Away, that has just been launched. This site's purpose is simply to provide a platform for low resource outreach to those in need. Return to Grace is based on the principles in LUKE 15 that Jesus illustrated. Far too long have we as believers simply stood by as our brothers and sisters fell away; surrendering both souls and ground to the enemy. But as the Parable of the Lost Sheep illustrates...we should seek those who stray and try to bring them home. Too many times a believer is struggling and needs help, needs someone to care; but they often find only cold shoulders and lofty glances from the ones in church who should be expressing love and genuine concern. Well this ministry will be dedicated to ending the cycle of condemning attitudes, and help folks struggling know that God loves them and WILL FIGHT FOR THEM. No matter how far you have fallen, no matter what your sins and struggles are; God loves you dearly in spite of that sin and struggle...and you are just one small step from returning to grace. I will personally walk with you through the dark valleys; rather than simply walk by you; and that's how we all should approach this issue. Praise the Lord Almighty!
Here is the draft of our initial newsletter, it gives an idea of what things we are focusing on and what is happening within the ministry:

The following video explains the ministry in greater detail without the need to read through a ton of information.

The next video is a clarification regarding the ministry's universal/Body-wide nature. It is not confined to a specific church setting or a specific denomination but a scriptural principle that is valid across the board.

In the end, backsliding is a Body wide attack on us all..not just a single believer; as it causes the Body of Christ to fragment piece by piece. It is time we ceased surrendering ground and souls to satan and took action to return those who stray to the Kingdom. Thanks for your time and God Bless!

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