Rules for Posting in the Theology Forum - Please Read Before Posting in the Theology Forum!!

Discussion in 'Theology' started by WIP, Sep 22, 2016.

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    Please read and keep in mind while posting in the Theology Forum:

    Christian Theology is by definition the study of God through His word, the Holy Bible. That makes the Theology forum unique from many of our other forums in that this is a place specifically for these types of discussions.

    With this in mind, the following must be followed when posting in the Theology Forum.
    • Above all, focus on the issue being debated. Do not direct your comments toward the member and make the discussion personal if you disagree with what's been said.
    • Original posts should reference specific scripture and what it is the member wants to say or ask about that scripture.
    • Do not make the unsupported claim that another member's position has no basis in scripture. If you believe that someone is in error you must respectfully cite scripture to support your assertion.
    • Do not use phrases such as, “You’re wrong.” or any other similar phrase. This is insulting and inappropriate and there are nicer ways to disagree without being insulting.
    • Do not insinuate that another member is joking or being laughable unless the specifically state that they are. Assume they have interpreted scripture in an honest attempt to understand the Word of the Lord. Do not talk about members other than the member you are addressing, whether they are active in the thread or not. Talk to them; not about them.
    • Once you have made a point, refrain from flooding the forum with numerous postsmaking the same point over and over withnothing new to support it.
    • You may ask a member questions as to what they believe on certain topics relative to the subject of the thread, but keep in mind the member is under no obligation to answer. Do not speak for other members by declaring what they believe or make leaps and draw your own conclusions. Let them state their own theology or doctrine. Assume other members have understood what they are responding to unless they state otherwise.
    • Failing to answer someone’s question doesn’t necessarily amount to an admission of error or surrender but keep in mind that in any debate if you refuse to or can not answer a reasonable question, it may weaken your position and do not badger other members about not answering attempting to guilt them into it.
    • Violations of these Theology Forum rules are subject to the same disciplinary consequences as failing to adhere to the ToS.
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