Same Sex Marriage Poll

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Justice, Feb 20, 2004.


Should Same Sex Marriages Be Legal???

  1. 1. Same-sex marriages should NOT be legalized. Marriage is for a man and a woman only.

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  2. 2. Support same sex unions only.

  3. 3. Support same sex marriages with the same legal rights as heterosexuals marriages.

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  4. 4. Undecided/Not sure.

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  5. 5. Other (Please specify)

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  1. Justice

    Justice Member

    Dec 28, 2002
    Same Sex Marriage Poll: Please vote and post your opinion.

    I'm sure this will be no surprise --- I am voting 1. Same sex marriages should not be legalized.

    God Bless!
  2. saved

    saved Guest

    Not only should homosexual mariage be against the law, but homosexuality should be against the law with strict penalities as we once had.
  3. mh13

    mh13 Guest

    i couldn't agree more.
  4. cubedbee

    cubedbee Guest

    I think we should imprison non-Christians and torture them into conversion like we once did.
  5. atmosphere

    atmosphere Member

    Nov 8, 2003
    i'm sensing the sarcasm here, and i couldn't agree more... think about it. making homosexuality illegal? come on now. i don't support same sex marriage- but i don't think that same sex relation is anyones business (as long as the ones involved keep their business, and don't force anyone to "accept" them). the world should have the same policy as the military "don't ask, don't tell". seriously, there are other things more important than trying to bust the door down on someone's private time.
  6. Featherbop

    Featherbop Member

    Jun 10, 2003
    Marriage and benefits for gays should be illegal. Or, if they want, they could "marry" haha, but get NO BENEFITS whatsoever.

    But I would say gay people can't marry, because a marriage is man/woman only, and those are crapped up in todays society already.

    I don't like marriage.
  7. Relic

    Relic Member

    Feb 17, 2004
    WOW, this world has repeated history for so long! Remember Sodom and Gomorrah? Only difference now is that they came up with operations to change the sex!

    So then, what happens to the person that had a sex change operations and that person wants to get married to a person that is the same sex they "used" to be? Would that be considered same sex marraige? Do you think that will become a new headline?

    Messed up World!

    I don't love them any less as people, I just don't agree with it.

    All I can do is pray! Jesus! Come Quickly!
  8. saved

    saved Guest

    God felt it was everyones business. Under the law the penality was death. I think that when we decide that we are not accountable to what He sees as being the way we need to construct our moral laws we stand against Him.
  9. saved

    saved Guest

    It is not about loving them or not loving them. I love the person who murders everyone in the family, but the penality is death according to scripture. The person who decides to carry our homosexuality should also be loved and told the turth of their sin, but they also need to be dealt with under the law.
  10. *********
    That is the ISSUE, they have come out in 'documented' fact and made it every ONES ["BUSINESS"]. (EVERY ONES, YOUNG'IN ONES TOO!) OPEN, I AM A HOMPSEXUAL AND YOU CAN LIKE IT OR LUMP IT! :robot: :crying:
    And you disput Rev. 18:4's principle.

    And then what comes next? the government giving them 'equal rights' to be 'church school teachers' '+', huh? But there is no law anyway, for we ARE FREE! WE ARE FREE! :B-fly: HOGWASH!! (Sure 'they' are)

  11. cubedbee

    cubedbee Guest


    What is your religious background? Do you keep the Levitical Law that God gave to rule the theocracy of Israel? Are you really advocating the death penalty for homosexuals, adulterers, and those who don't honor their parents?

    Israel was a theocracy, a body of God's people, analagous to the Church. It makes sense for a body of believers to civilly administrate God's moral law. Just as the New Testament repeatedly says we are not to tolerate sin in the Church, but confront and ultimately expel sinners from the congrgation, so much of the Mosaic Law was meant at expelling sinning members of Israel from the general congregation. In the NT, they just got kicked out, in the OT they got killed.

    The Church, not the US, is the modernday equivalent of Israel. The US is the world. It doesn't make sense to enforce moral laws on those who don't share our common morality. What's the point? A law against homosexuality would cause some homosexuals to be too afraid to practice. Most others would simply be discreet--a law concerning bedroom behavior is hard to enforce. So, overall, we'd have a group of sinners acting marginally better during their lives, but dying and going to hell anyway.

    If we implemented my sarcastic suggestion, we would actually be helping people to find a way into heaven. If it is the Church's duty to intervene in the sins of the world, then anything less than imprisonment of non-Christians is a failure for us. Prison seems horrible from the non-believer's perspective, but we know it is their eternal soul on the line, and eternal salvation is worth any amount of earthly hardship.

    Atmosphere is exactly right in saying that we should allow non-believers their personal sins. Sins with victims, like murder, rape, drunk driving, etc. need to remain illegal. But it isn't the Church's job to try to change the world through earthly governments. Christians should advocate governments that are as "hands-off" as possible. Minorities should have the right to live as the will -- as I'm sure you would all agree if you lived in a country with a Christian minority.
  12. Jesusson

    Jesusson Guest

    Absolutely not

    Absolutely not. Even if we put the bible aside (which we Christians shouldn’t) but by just looking at civilization you know it’s wrong. If everyone was gay, how was humanity to multiply? And if it was ok to be gay and have gay marriages, why do active gay man die on an average age of 35 to 45. It’s wrong in Gods eyes and it’s even wrong in nature. God created male and female and blessed them. God could have created 2 kinds of males, but that wasn’t Gods plan. When sin entered in the world, one of the things it brought with couple of other dozen sins was homosexuality. Homosexuality is an abomination in Gods eyes and we Christians should not be supportive of that damning lifestyle.

    God bless,

    In the messiah, Arthur
  13. cubedbee

    cubedbee Guest

    When Jesus lived, do you think Jews recognized marriages performed under Roman law? Not at all. This was a civil worldly marriage that didn't count in God's eyes. The Jews have an eleborate marriage process they must go through before they are united in God's eyes, and no civil ceremony can take place of it.

    The same is true today. God doesn't recognize the US marriage/divorce papers you can obtain at your local government office. These are simply government contracts. It is the marriage in the Church that matters. The Church will not (or should not) consent to marrying a believer to an unbeliever, in marrying a divorcee, or in marrying homosexuals. You are married in God's eyes if you get married at a church, regardless of what the US government thinks.

    Giving gays civil unions gives them the government part of marriage. The trivial unimportant part. What the government should do is rename all "marriage licenses" as "civil union licenses" for straight people. Then marriage would be the sole domain of the Church, as it should be.
  14. "Atmosphere is exactly right in saying that we should allow non-believers their personal sins. Sins with victims, like murder, rape, drunk driving, etc. need to remain illegal."

  15. cubedbee

    cubedbee Guest

    Re: Absolutely not

    I'm glad you bring that up. I believe your talking about the life expectancy of 43 that the Family Research Institute found for gay men. That number wasn't derived from a real study, and is absolute garbage. Here's an article that discusses this.

    What is not in doubt is that the life expectancy of a man with AIDs is around this range, and that a large number of gays do have AIDS. It is generally agreed that the high incidence of AIDS corresponds with the high number of partners the average gay man has. So, gay men have lower life expectancies overall because their promiscuity encourages the contraction of AIDS and other STDs. If we legalized gay marriage, the overall amount of promiscuity will almost certainly decrease, increasing the lifespan of gays.
  16. cubedbee

    cubedbee Guest

    Why does God allow us to sin?
  17. I totally agree!!!
  18. saved

    saved Guest

    "The US is the world. It doesn't make sense to enforce moral laws on those who don't share our common morality."

    If this is your belief Then I suggest that we do away with all the prisons and allow people to do as they wish.
  19. mh13

    mh13 Guest

    cubedbee said...
    yeah, riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite.... just like giving clean needles to drug addicts will lengthen their lifespan
  20. *****

    John the Baptist wrote:
    "Atmosphere is exactly right in saying that we should allow non-believers their personal sins. Sins with victims, like murder, rape, drunk driving, etc. need to remain illegal."


    Cubedbee wrote: "Why does God allow us to sin?"

    John here: 'Saved', speaks of a law that God has given for Caesar to be responsibile for. Read it in Rom. 13. It is the second table of the ten, Caesar's DUTY to mankind.

    Never is Caesar to be involved with the first four, our Worship to God. The reason that we are seeing this 'equal rights' come up in the first place, is because it has been [tied to] other 'important & Christian issues'! Such as womens rights & racial rights. If women & racial people had been anything else than 'asleep', it would have been nipped in the bud!

    But what about [ALL] the others?? Read 1 John 2:4 to see the professed Christian's problem! (not U.S.A.'s only)

    "His watchman [are blind]: they are [all ignorant, they are dumb dogs, they cannot bark].." Isa. 56:10 in part & wit my emphasis.

    So what is next? As the world and professed Christians follow satan's plan of NO law, the judgements of God will bring these ones right back to forced worship which satan really is after! From Lamb/like to dragon/like, huh? See Eze. 9. And then shortly there/after, to the Obadiah 16's eternal extinction. :crying:

    So the bottom line that needs to be done, needs to be done quickly!
    Rev. 18:4

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