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Feedback Smilies?


Rick W

I suppose we might be able to do a late arrival package, a small one, if we can sweet talk Greg into it. :nag


destiny oh yours are the best!

can we please, please have a basic nice smile smily one? we only have the bobbing head one or this one :) (which I don't like)
Just my opinion but I prefer to see just nice smilies and not banging chairs, violent ones as surely as a christian site its not very christian and loving? If you use that in a post to someone its not very respectful

anyway just putting that in as it is a suggestion thread ;)
Mar 12, 2008
The whole point of smileys or emoticons is to show emotion, we need a decent plethora of all emotions whether it be sad, angry, happy or beating a dead horse ;) A list composed of nothing but upbeat and/or happy emoticons is useless even on a Christian site. My :twocents


I do love the big selection we have now good stuff, but if the need arises for more I have my own collection to draw from...