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Some guidelines for posting in the CE&P

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State of Jefferson
The discussion of politics can cause tempers to flare, especially when comments are deliberately made to inflame those of the opposing viewpoint.

Therefore, in the effort to curtail the ugliness, a few guidelines have now been put in place.

* Slang words that are used to denigrate or project disdain at political figures or parties will be edited or deleted. Continued use of the edited/deleted words will result in your removal from the CE&P forum.

For example:





* The proper spelling of names is expected. No slang or slur spellings will be found acceptable.

* The inclusion of all members of a particular group or ideology (i.e., all democrats, or, all republicans) in the attempt to smear all is not allowed.

All members of a particular group or ideology do not share the same behaviours, thoughts or beliefs. There will always going to be at least one member who doesn't share all trait.

These guidelines are not in place to change anyone's thoughts or ideas. Instead, they are now in place to correct only the cheap way in which they are presented.

We Christians should be part of the healing and not be involved in the throwing of rocks.

We had hoped the TOS (Terms of Service) would guide the behaviours of all participants in CE&P. However, that hasn’t always been the case.

It is most imperative and quite necessary for our more Christ-like selves to be on display during these challenging times.

After you have read this, if you are in agreement to abide by these guidelines, in addition to CFnet’s Terms of Service, you are requested to "like" the sticky.
Not open for further replies.