sometimes, the dr. doesn't know best...

Discussion in 'Health & Nutrition' started by Christ_empowered, Apr 13, 2017.

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    Good article. It's what I've been sayin' for years while people say I'm not a doctor (I'm glad I'm not) and should not give out medical advice. I was not giving medical advice since I'm not into pharmaceutical and operative treatments (including tests). I was telling them usually about nutrition. I know you are into that stuff, too. Not bashing some medications, just the blanket "one shoe size fits all" mentality and this goes for medical treatments, too. I know that cholesterol/BP meds are amongst the highest prescribed medications next to pain-killers and such, and such "numbers lowering drugs" have not proven to prevent heart attacks if you did not have one yet. Nothing, zero zilch. SO why are they taken? Because of the false sense of security that if the numbers are right, you won't have a heart attack because people, whose numbers are right supposedly have less heart attacks. Yes, and I shot out all the signal lights at train crossings because statistics show that nobody was ever run over by a train when the lights were off. So if we shoot them all out with a shotgun, there won't be any more accidents, either. Same logic and reasoning for a so-called scientific institution.

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