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[__ Prayer __] thanks, CFnet. :-)

Oct 23, 2010
Seriously. I came here years ago, fresh out of a horrible life, and I wasn't even saved yet. I -did- get saved about 5 years ago, Praise God!

So...at this point, coming here for all these years has really been genuinely beneficial for me. I write better, that's for sure. I've learned a lot about different perspectives within Christendom, and I've grown up a good bit (at long last...).

I'm definitely a work-in-progress. God is good! He's seen fit to make some of my dreams come true, already, only 5 years into my walk with The Lord. My IQ is up, I'm healthy, remarkably normal, my parents and I have reconciled, and...

I'm increasingly, genuinely thankful for His love, mercy, compassion, all around goodness. I'm looking around at local churches. He's brought me far enough that I can now go to a church and both contribute and be blessed, too, whereas before I was an object of pity or contempt (or both, at the same time...).

Normal, healthy, surprisingly intelligent...--whole--. Imperfect, sure, but...whoa. The Lord's brought me a long, long way.

CFnet has been a very good place for me over the years, and I'm thankful for the prayers, replies, encouragement, support, admonishment, Scripture (this is all in no particular order, btw) y'all have provided for me.


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