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[__ Prayer __] Thanksgiving

Jul 21, 2011
Oh Lord, thank you for the company you provided to feast on Thanksgiving Day. I enjoyed the company and conversation very much. Anthony was a man of simple faith but a spiritual, and now I hold him up in prayer, that he may find lasting work.

A couple months ago after I went into the hospital for an emergency, I decided to clean out my house. I didn't want the clutter, and I didn't want anything that I did really need or use. In my spare bedroom. I kept a very nice set of bunk beds that I could separate into twin beds whenever my parents would come out to visit. Well both of my parents passed away last year, so I decided that I no longer needed theses beds, and it was time to get rid of them. So I asked my girlfriend if she new of anyone with small kids that might need the beds.

Well, it happened to be a single black mother with three small children as well as cancer. When I delivered the beds, it was to an area I drive by all the time, but not one I drive through, When I got there, I saw what the slums looked like first hand. They had applied for section eight housing, but were living in this run down apartment while waiting. The kids were sleeping on the floor. They were so thankful for the beds. Their neighbors came out and helped carried the beds into the complex and up the stairs. Within my own city I had not seen close up such poverty. I do feel so very thankful, for I lack for nothing that I need. But these folks?

My girlfriend new this single black mother from their school days many years ago, so we invited her and her children over for thanksgiving dinner. She brought along her gentleman friend as well. Now I found out that that this single mother has lost the slum of an apartment she and her kids were living in. But even though she had a job and worked, she couldn't afford both the apartment and her cancer medication, so the apartment had to go. I was told they moved in with her brother, but I can only imagine the slum that might be.

But reflecting upon our evening together, the turkey dinner, and chatting in the back yard around the fire pit with some music playing. Watching the kids lighting their marshmallows on fire, making smores over the open flame. I realized something. Never once did they let on or complain about their poverty or their state of condition. Well, except for the little eight year boy who thought my little house was like a hotel. But Lord, they held up your name in faith, but I felt bad when Anthony asked me if I could get him a job, because he was out of work and looking. But I am in no position to help someone get a job, nor do I know him well enough to even make any recommendations.

Lord, you have asked us to follow you after the Spirit, but we are yet carnal creatures who still have needs of the flesh. You understood this when you said to take no thought for the tomorrow, what we shall eat, or what we shall drink, for you know we have need of these things. Is that why you fed the masses with the loaves of bread and basket of fishes? Because a man who is hungry is preoccupied with the flesh and cannot hear the words of the Spirit? Anthony wants to work, and you know his needs.

Thank you Lord for their company and conversation, and thank you for the lessons of a simple faith in the face of such poverty. Thank you for the lessons in patience and hospitality.