The Big Bang Theory

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Big Bang: Pick one.

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  1. SyntaxVorlon

    SyntaxVorlon Guest

    This illustrates your ignorace of BBT. We don't see this at all. We see expansion in Every direction as if we were spots drawn on a balloon and it's being blown up. It's expanding in more than 3 dimentions.
    Once more incorrect, the BBT was named by an opponent who disliked it compared to the now, quite defunct steady state theory. The BB is a rapid expansion, the dimentions of space and time are along for the ride.
    True but irrelevant.
  2. I said the universe is moving from a singular point, SyntaxVorlon responded:

    All this does is show your readiness to proclaim my error, but certainly not my ignorance as I am not incorrect. The universe is moving from a singular point, a "vertice" (vertices is plural, but I can't remember the singular), and is moving from that "vertice." Obviously the universe is moving in 360 degrees of expansion since it is volumnous in shape. An explosion, as we all understand the BB to be, creates an outward expansion, and if there is a single point of explosion, then there is also a single "vertice." Movement from that single point, that single "vertice" is the result of any explosion and that is not in conflict with anything I have said.

    Please show me the error.

    Yeesh... rapid expansion is often referred to as an explosion. The word can be used even to the degree of me saying, "there has been an explosion of Walmarts in my area." So my #2 is correct. And for #3, I still stand firmly on the logical conclusion that matter/energy cannot expand without space/area. Space is not an element or substance of the universe but is only the lack of either between other elements and substances. Thus, space must exist in order for expansion to occur and space cannot expand unless their is an outter "wall" around the universe which holds all cosmic space as we know it and that wall expands.

  3. SyntaxVorlon

    SyntaxVorlon Guest

    Your error was in saying that we see everything moving from a central point, we don't, everything is moving away from everything else. This is not the primary basis for the BBT.

    Rapid expansion of a gas is an explosion but that is not an apt analogy to the BBT.
  4. Bryan

    Bryan Member

    Sep 4, 2003
    If everything is moving away from everything else, they MUST be moving away from a central point. If they weren't, then some things would be moving TOWARDS each other.
  5. I see the response dwindled to my rebuttal...

    Anywho, Bryan is right... saying that objects are moving away from each other does not negate the concept that they are moving from a central point also. Obviously if you have a single vertice in which all objects move out in 360º of direction then they are simultaneously moving moving away from each other, but more importantly and more significantly, moving away from the central point (moving away from the vertice is the primary and moving from each other is just a result of the primary).

    Think of it like a 8-poly sphere that is highly condensed. If the sphere expands from the central point then as a result all of the vertices will spread apart in accomplishing their major action of moving outward in a straight path.

  6. victorhadin

    victorhadin Guest

    I think SyntaxVorlon is confusing the definition of 'explosion' a touch. Not all explosions are shockwave-led high exposive blasts. ;)
  7. I thought that also, but after my showing that the word can even be used to refer to Walmarts, I figured it must be something else since he keeps arguing the point... *sigh*

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