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The Blue Triangle: Mexican Story

Oct 16, 2013
This is a modernism traffic-corruption vignette inspired by the justice-imagery films Once Upon a Time in Mexico and Sin City.



Tom, Tom, and Tom were three friends who dropped out of college (Harvard) to become 'vigilantes.' Two wanted to originally be Hollywood movie-actors and the other wanted to be a poet, but the three agreed that modern America required more revolutionaries than rhetorics. The trio was called the Blue Triangle and the mission statement was, "We serve to become free!" The Blue Triangle moved to Tijuana (Mexico), where they could monitor various traffic-related corruption in the iconic North American bordertown.

Tijuana was being managed by the 'Black Hand,' a coalition of druglords who had established enough political sway to more or less rule the area's civics like a police-state. There were operatives of Black Hand always moving around, inspecting to see if their masters were being 'recognized' as the true 'diplomats' of modern Mexico. Black Hand also had dealings with college students travelling from southern California looking for a 'convenient-high.' When Blue Triangle arrived in Tijuana, they quickly deduced that local merchants and saloon and inn-keepers were all in Black Hand's proverbial pocket.

Black Hand had effectively blackmailed the Tijuana mayor to submit to its will, and its goons kept 'regular hours' at the local saloons and were completely a bad influence on the night-life in Mexico. Blue Triangle decided to cause a ruckus by going into one of these seedy saloons one Saturday night in October in crazy outfits/costumes. One member dressed as the Scarecrow, while the other two dressed as an Old English miner and a WWII soldier. It was really crazy. The Blue Triangle trio busted into the saloon and cried, "Drugs are for kids," and two months later, people started calling Black Hand 'The Devil's Slaves.'

The Blue Triangle became famous and when asked by pedestrians what they stood for, the members would say, "We work for Jesus of Nazareth." It felt like one of those 'classic' vigilante-justice films that you might see Clint Eastwood make. However, all this media-chatter about 'wild justice' detracted attention away from all the diligent and dutiful police officers who worked to end crime...legally! Blue Triangle disbanded and decided to retire to Switzerland (before their 'celebrity-status' made their identities impossible to keep secret) where they could spend the twilight of their lives reading the Gospels.



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