The Ethnocidal Face of Multiculturalism

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    Nov 3, 2016
    This is a fantastic vid that describes neo-marxists and their depraved worldview that is being churned out by liberal controlled institutions of higher learning and their attempt to eradicate all expressions of European cultural identity. Ethnocide is at work in West in which the historical/cultural heritage and identity of America/Canada is intentionally, methodically and systematically being attacked and eroded. This vid sheds light on why so many college and university students are so anti-white and rabidly race oriented.

    Multiculturalism policy/theory is an elaborate scheme that enables and encourages immigrants and naturalized citizens to avoid assimilating and adopting Western cultural values.

    In the vid, Hutcheson describes why neo-marxists/brainwashed, leftist ignoramuses use the words “racism” and “white supremacy” differently than informed people. He also addresses Critical Race Theory (whites supposedly invented racism to oppress other cultures; the denial of a biological basis for race), the de-Colonization Movement, and the link between the nation-destroying policy of multicutralism and the deliberate and systematic attempt to destroy European American/Canadian civilization (cultural values, history, influence, symbols, etc. For example, the statues being torn down).

    "What is the relation between multiculturalism and ethnocide? How have the neo-Marxist doctrines of critical race theory and decolonization played into European consciousness in Canada? I'm joined by George Hutcheson, Director of Students for Western Civilization in Toronto for an in-depth look at the ethnocidal face of multiculturalism."

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    best video I seen lately. We need him in America.
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