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[__ Prayer __] welcome to --reality--

Me, yet again. File this one under both Praise Report and (yet another...) prayer request.

OK. So, I take a tranquilizer. Not ideal, but...it works! The way I see it, The Lord spared me, saved me, forgave me, and...well, I need the "atypical" tranquilizer right now, but that may or may not be the case indefinitely. We shall see...

Point is, a big part of a genuine, bona fide "recovery from psychosis" is facing good ole reality, even if one's ability to do so is bolstered thru pharmaceuticals. It is what is it...

My parents love me. I love them. Increasingly, as who I am now and who I am becoming in Christ Jesus, I even--gasp--appreciate them, their hard work, their love for me. I --am-- different now. Even the house dogs are nicer to me now (weird, huh?).

But...yeah...reality. Thank God I'm a Christian! Be ye conformed not unto the ways of this world, but be ye transformed by the renewal of your mind. If I was still in and of the world, there would be no real hope. Behavior modification, meds, group homes, poverty, etc....no real hope, no redemption. My hope has always been in The Lord, I just didn't see it until He worked a miracle, dealt with my heart, and I got saved. Thankfully, that was nearly 5 years ago (!!!).

I don't know how much "help" anyone gets from Mental Health, Inc. Its hard, because I like my current counselor, as a person. He's also a Born Again Christian, Masters of Divinity, solid dude. I respect him, also. But...

...I see a lot of troubled people being turned into labeled and damaged "victims" by Mental Health, Inc. I don't know how to make an exit, personally. A j-o-b would be a good 1st step, but I'm thoroughly stigmatized, labeled, and...wow. Just yesterday, I was picking up stuff at a convenience store, and people were giving me a hassle. Fun times.

I just...I pray that I can learn to be content and accept God's perfect will for my life, and be more easily guided by Him. I also Praise Him (!!!) for His infinite mercy, love, compassion, patience, and all around goodness, especially as shown to me and my family.

Thanks, yet again. :)