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What do we really know about Ron Wyatt?

Oct 19, 2005
This is obviously a hot topic when discussing archaeology relating to the Bible because Ron Wyatt made some amazing claims in his lifetime and not all of them believable. Whether he located the biblical location for Mt. Sinai or not, Ron Wyatt made some real pioneering explorations around Jebel al-Lawz in North Western Arabia (being one of the few Westerners to ever explore the area), even if some of his conclusions about the rock drawings there belonging to the Israelites were incorrect (it was a later script used in the first millennium AD - most likely Nabataean -according to others), but I do think that in his true zeal for the Bible that he misinterpreted his "finds" often to fit what he wanted to see, and therefore he has consequently tainted his reputation as a "pseudo archaeologist" irreparably.

However as a Christian I cannot stand to see this man relentlessly smeared as if he himself were a bad man. I believe that Ron Wyatt was a true believing Christian that had the strongest of faith in the Bible and in Jesus Christ. You do not have to watch far into this video to see this man's faith in the Bible and in Christ as his Savior. If you are Christian (or otherwise) remember that you are in no better standing before God than this man, nor are we all, therefore we should be careful how we judge this man. Some call into question his intellectual acumen and credentials, but have little basis to do so also for his character. We can legitimately dispute his "discoveries", but do not go beyond what is necessary and appropriate by overzealously attacking him and therefore putting yourself in a position to judge his character. I believe this man was a fellow brother in Christ, regardless of how mislead he may have been, so let us judge with righteous judgment (John 7:24).

That is really the point of this thread, not his many discoveries. If you want to discuss specific discovery claims of Wyatt's please make another thread.
Jul 24, 2012
However as a Christian I cannot stand to see this man relentlessly smeared as if he himself were a bad man.
Ron was a great Christian believer. I have spoken to his widow and children, and they are a great family who love God. I feel for them as they a smeared and attacked for no reason apart from being passionate about history and the bible.

Bless you Ron and family.

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