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[__ Prayer __] (yes, more...) family Praises...

Oct 23, 2010
I've been living at home, with my parents, for nearly 5 years now. Things were -very- tense at first, then The Lord willed to mellow things out, and now...there's genuine love, warmth, and concern here, for the 1st time in a long time. I'm thankful. God is good!

So, they're now talking very seriously about adding onto the house. The house is a pre-Civil War farmhouse. To say it was a "fixer-upper" when my parents bought it would be an (extreme) under-statement. By the time my parents got ahold of it, parts of it were in utter disrepair, they had to bring it up to code, etc. etc. etc. And now...

...all these years later, I'm back at home, we're a family again (first time in a long time, largely because of my sins and overall wretchedness, before Jesus saved me...), and now they have the time, money, and inclination to put their mark on this place. I'm thankful. Basically, they've been talking about expanding the house and such for a while, just...not with me, lol. Now, things have advanced far enough along that they're talking to me about their plans, and I'm thankful.

God is good! I'm not exactly gung-ho about dealing with construction crews for what might be months of work, but...I'll pray my way through it. I remember, vaguely, read and/or hearing about "The Sweetness of The Lord." I wasn't genuinely saved at that point, but the phrase...even then...struck a chord with me. And now...I seem to be experiencing it myself, and so are my parents. I'm thankful.

Praise God! :)
Dec 1, 2017
God always shows up. I'm glad to read that you have found comfort and happiness. I saw your other request for prayer too. I'll keep you in my prayers and that this wonderful new life you're enjoying remain and grow even brighter in all that God graces you to enjoy as a family.

And every good fortune if you do make addition onto your home. pre-civil war, that's awesome.

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