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Discussion in 'Popular Culture' started by Homeskillet, Mar 30, 2004.

  1. Homeskillet

    Homeskillet Guest

    Use this thread to post your favorites....favorite genre, favorite artist, favorite cd, favorite song, favorite instrument, etc. ...whatever ya feel like posting!

    I'll post mine in a little while! :biggrin
  2. WiLdAtHeArT

    WiLdAtHeArT Guest

    genre: anything but country and techno (and 'death metal')

    artist: Waterdeep, Fernando Ortega, P.O.D., Charlie Hall, Steven Curtis Chapman

    CD: Everyone's Beautiful, Home. Fundamental Elements of the Southtown, Porch and Altar, Declaration (In same order as artist above)

    song: Waterdeep- 18 Bulletholes
    Fernando Ortega- Glory to the Lamb
    P.O.D.- Southtown
    Charlie Hall- One Thing I Ask
    Steven Curtis Chapman- Magnificent Obsession

    instrument: cello. I am a beginner/intermediate guitar player
  3. baylok

    baylok Guest

    My musical tastes are all over the place - I usually have some rock, jazz and classical with me. I've started ripping cds to mp3s and that allows me to take more music on the road (as I travel heavily for work). I need to get an mp3 player (and if anyone has recommendations, please post them on the thread I started in the Tech Talk forum).

    In the cd case right now are: Michael Buble, Mercy Me, Bridge, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Propska 1, Dido, kd lang, Yes, Sarah McLachlan, Screaming Cheetah Wheelies, Cake, Pearl Jam, Sugar, Big Head Todd and the Monsters, Bowie, Mercury Jazz Compilation, Prokofiev, Schumann, Tchaikovsky, Brian Setzer, and Blue Plate Special. There are a few missing - buried under paperwork.
  4. Vic C.

    Vic C. Member

    Mar 16, 2003
    Central NJ
    Just to point out a few and to!

    Mercy Me
    But of course. What's a Christian without a little CCM in the CD case. :tongue :angel:

    Stevie Ray Vaughn
    My love for guitars and guitarists put Stevie Ray righ up there near the top. Saw him w/Joe Cocker just a few weeks before he died. My heart still longs to see him again. :crying: He was just getting his 'act' together again. One can 'only imagine'. :wink:

    YES!!! Christian cosmic rockers.

    Screaming Cheetah Wheelies
    Didn't know anyone still listens to them.

    LOL, I still remember the first time I heard their version of 'I will Survive'. Gotta love that version...ever if there is a 4 letter word in it. :o

    Pearl Jam
    Jeremy....oops, there goes another 4 letter word. hehehe

    Aah, good ol' Bob Mould. I sat for hours learning all the chords to 'See A Little Light'.

    Big Head Todd and the Monsters
    Down to earth rock music is still alive.

    Aah, another classic. Love those two different color eyes. 8)

    Brian Setzer
    Hey, I AM from the NY area, ya know! I Love his Big Band music!

    And some of the ladies you mentioned...not too shabby either.
  5. baylok

    baylok Guest

    Saw Mike Farris (the Wheelies lead singer) in a bar in Binghamton a few weeks ago. Just him, his guitar, and about a hundred or so fans. Great show. He has a solo cd out which is pretty good (mostly new stuff with a few Wheelies re-dos).

    I know, I know - some of the bands listed let loose with a four letter word every now and then. I am finding that I listen to those bands less and less, but every now and then I need to hear something by them.

    Always try to have some jazz, some classical, and some CCM in the case (and lately I have been ripping my stuff to mp3s, so eventually I will not have to carry a cd case).
  6. liquid boy

    liquid boy Guest

    i really don't think in 'genres' , but here's some of my favourites anyway:

    i tend to stay away fom radio friendly music (well, i like coldplay... they're radio friendly) so pretty much everything that's not easily accessable ... i like a challange....

    western art music (esp romantic . 20thC music, english, russian, french composers...)
    electronic dance music (esp deep house, dnb, breaks... probably other stuff too , but not vocal house or anything with too much vocals in it - i think it defeats the purpose of dance music
    crap / junk / punk rock
    any experimental stuff
    any 'art' or 'anti art' music...
    a new interest for me is "outsider music": eg the shaggs, jandek... very interesting stuff.

    artists of note:
    radio head the mars volta, muse, pedro the lion (although "
    control" was very depressing, i could only listen to it twice... then i had to listen to some news boys as a pickmeup :tongue ) the blamed, sf59 (of course) joy electric, debussy, dvorak, edward elgar... bands you've probably not heard of like hdu, wendyhouse, darcy clay, the clean, the chills, the double happies, the verlains .. blah blajh blahys

    i could go on and on and on...
    but i'll end it there
  7. john_316

    john_316 Guest

    i like Steven Curtis Chapman and dc talk and thirdday dctalk was at my church about 4 weeks ago. we all had a blast.
    :tongue :biggrin :lol:
  8. cubedbee

    cubedbee Guest

  9. Fish-Cross

    Fish-Cross Guest

    My faves are, Casting Crowns, Jaci Valesquez, Mercy Me, Delirious, and Nicole C. Mullen
  10. Scott

    Scott Member

    May 2, 2003
    I'm not the music connoisseur that I once was, but from all the bands I've listened over the years there are a few that I still listen to.

    MxPx, Blindside, Project 86, Chevelle, PoD, Circle of Dust/Klay Scott/Celldweller, Stavesacre, Skillet, Klank, Slick Shoes, Creed and Saviour Machine.

    Training for Utopia (TFU) a now broken up hardcore band is also very high on my list along with Demon Hunter which has 2 members from TFU.
  11. kerux

    kerux Guest

    I listen to anything from Michael W. Smith to T-Bone to Eternal Decision, and anywhere in between.
  12. Sheilagh

    Sheilagh Guest

    My favorite outright Christian artist is Michael Card. He has a really mellow folksy sound and his lyrics are incredibly deep.

    Otherwise I'm mostly a classical person, I dont like rock or pop or anything like that; and outright despise rap. I dont mind country mostly just cause I grew up with it, some of the lyrics are rather sweet to (Darryl Worley is my favorite).

    My favorite composers are:
    Howard Shore (wrote the soundtrack for Lord of the Rings)
    Strauss (Johan Jr.)

    Not real big on opera but I dont mind Bizet. Although I hate Wagner almost as much as like heavy metal - just to hard and obnoxious and loud - I like mellow. (also rather despise Berlioz - just to wiered)

    I love musicals to, favorites are Phantom, Fiddler, Les Mis and My Fair Lady

    Big bandish stuff is also fun, anything Gershwin wrote of course, Billie Holliday, Frank Sinatra, etc.

    and to round out my list I love Irish/Celtic folk music - especialy uillien pipes - gorgeous
  13. Justin

    Justin Guest

    I adore Sixpence None The Richer and/or Leigh Nash.
    Starflyer 59 in my collection is definitely a must.
    A little Pony Express can do the trick as well.
    Joy Electric, who can live without them?
    Bon Voyage, Jason Martin's side project with his wife.
    Pedro The Lion, love it.

  14. gibson2001

    gibson2001 Guest


    Favorite Bands: theVICTORYyear and Switchfoot

    Favorite Song: "So This Is It" by theVICTORYyear

    Favorite Instrument: Guitar

    P.S.: OK, so no one probably has heard of the band theVICTORYyear, but they are awesome. You can listen to their newest song "So This Is It" at
    I would strongly encourage anyone to do that, especially if you are looking for some new cool bands that probably no one has ever heard of.

    Thanks and God bless,
  15. rmills

    rmills Guest

    I am a musician to some degree. You can get a taste here...

    I have recorded two CDs that float around locally. I play with a few bands for fun, also on the worship team at church.

    Favorite Artists:

    William Ackerman
    Alex DiGrassi
    David Wilcox
    Michael Hedges
    James Taylor

    Favorite Genres:

    Acoustic New Age

    Current Favorite CDs:

    Living Sacrafice - Conceived In Fire
    James Taylor - October Roads
    Nickle Creek - Nickle Creek
    New Comers Home - Live At The Boulder Theatre

    Favorite Song Of All Time:

    The Way It Is - Bruce Hornsby And The Range

    Favorite Instrument:

    Acoustic Guitar

    I have three Taylor Big Babies with three different pickup arrangements for live and recording situations. I have various other Taylors including my favorite, the 315CE. List includes a 410 limited, 510CE, LKSM - 6, Windham Hill Limited, 814CE.

    I am in the market for an Olson SJ from 94' to 98' but folks dont usually part with an Olson unless they have to for financial reasons. I cannot afford a new one and the waiting list for Olsons gets longer by the day. If anybody hears anything...
  16. Free

    Free Staff Member Moderator

    Apr 2, 2003
    AB, Canada
    I love electronic music - trance, ambient, dnb, some techno. I think my favorite would have to be "Dream On" by producers/djs Shiloh (the song isn't on the site unfortunately).

    But I also really like rock, hard rock, worship, and classical. I strongly dislike rap, R&B, and country.
  17. Scott

    Scott Member

    May 2, 2003
  18. Illidan

    Illidan Guest

    its funny... i can hardly stand mainstream christian music, im living near philly and there is like no christian radio station around here that i can enjoy. so yeah i end up listening to the punk/rock stations.

    Zao, DemonHunter, Pillar, Norma Jean, emory,

    but def evanessence and lacuna coil,

    God i love amy and christine...

  19. Free

    Free Staff Member Moderator

    Apr 2, 2003
    AB, Canada
    Oh wow, sorry I missed the response DkC. I have listened to a couple of things off that site, but mostly I try and get CDs from a couple of good sites I found. Speaking of which, I just received two very good CDs yesterday, by Prophetica. They are his last two (one's a remix of the other) and I got 45/300 of this limited edition set.

    Here's the link if you want to check out some samples:

    Also, song 3 on the "I See Grace" remixes sounds very tastey (if sounds can be tastey???). I want to order that CD asap.

    And here you can download three songs for free:

    Dallas Holloway's song is really good, if you like trance.
  20. God is emotional but dose teach us not to let out own emotions influence us, fruit of the sprit is self - control.

    :) :) :) :)

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