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Discussion in 'Popular Culture' started by Homeskillet, Mar 30, 2004.

  1. Free

    Free Staff Member Moderator

    Apr 2, 2003
    AB, Canada
    Do you have the right thread willow?
  2. ups sorry wrong post
  3. djlms

    djlms Guest

    One of my favorites

    Is a group called the Goads, they are awesome, and their testimony is incredible. A family of kids (who are grown now) but lost both their parents at an early age and stuck together to bring forth an incredible Christian Ministry.
  4. Chupacabra

    Chupacabra Guest

    My all-time favorite band is the Minutemen and my favorite album is Double Nickels on the Dime (the vinyl version, of course). Some of my other favorite musical artists include Bob Dylan, the Who, Husker Du, CCR, the Slackers, John Coltrane, the Specials, Television, the Skatalites, the Clash, the Pietasters, and Devo.
  5. My favorites are
    Donnie McClurkin
    TD Jakes
    Kirk Franklin
    Third Day
  6. Blazin Bones

    Blazin Bones Member

    Oct 6, 2004
    Bluefield, VA
    Supertones, FFH, 4Him, Third Day. All great stuff.
  7. ApellesJr

    ApellesJr Guest

    well i like alot of christian music......

    jars of clay
    dcTalk (old stuff)
    reliant K
    12 stones (kind of)

    other non-christian bands include jimmy eat world, wilco, death cab for cutie, and modest mouse....when it's not christian i try to avoid any profanity......swearing and junk.......(hense jimmy eat world, since they never cuss on their cd's)
  8. Mine:

    Mercy Me
    Casting Crowns
    Michael W. Smith
    Stephen Curtis Chapman
    Toby Mac
    Matthew West
    Building 429

    And of course all the traditional worship songs:
    I could sing of your love forever
    Shout to the Lord
    Here i am to Worship
  9. ctimmons1

    ctimmons1 Guest

    I like Nicole C. Mullen, The Parachute Band, CeCe Winans, Amy Grant, Twila Paris, Point Of Grace, Michael W. Smith, Avalon, Donnie Mclurkin, and Carman. I have a huge collection of classical and jazz.
  10. revie1

    revie1 Guest

    i must say that I'm not really into "popular" music i prefer christian rock

    ~third day
    ~david crowder band who r better live than on CD
    ~and somme others

    but i also lik 1s lik~ yesterday, 2day and 4ever
    ~sometimes i feel afraid
    ~the 1s that have lots of actions and/or r jumpy alive 1s

  11. Eva Janus

    Eva Janus Guest

    I like a lot of secular music as well as Christian music but I'll only post muh Christian favorites here. There's a lot of artists I like so I won't be able to name them all. So here are my most favorite:

    Sandi Patty
    Michael W. Smith
    Steven Curtis Chapman
    Amy Grant (not sure these days... her older songs were great!)
    Point of Grace
    Michelle Tumes
    Rich Mullins

    Sheesh, I know there's a lot more but my mind is really just blank right now. :erm... I'm also kinda tired right now as well. Maybe I'll come back and edit this post another time.
  12. Lenbenhear

    Lenbenhear Guest


    I wonder how many here have ever heard the wonderfully anointed WORSHIPraise music of Terry MacAlmon. ? he is a very gifted worship leader. Be sure to check out his website:

    I also like Steve Green, Keith Green, and Don Moen.

    There are so many fine and talented Christian artists, but those are a few of my favorites.
  13. jsnbrown

    jsnbrown Member

    Nov 14, 2007
    Does NO ONE like Casting Crowns? I haven't saw a thread for them on a Christian forum in ages! ugh. I'm saddened..

    Obviously I like Casting Crowns.. They are Very forceful in their songs and give very clear, God centered messages.

    I also like Superchic[k].. They also do similar things.. Although they focus on more of life improvement than God centered messages. I esp. like the song "Stand in the Rain" by them.. Very good.. very, very good..

    anyway.. That is my 2 cents. :tongue
  14. promisedove

    promisedove Guest

    I like Casting crowns...anyway my faves are Fred Hammond, Jeremy Camp, Lecrae, Chris Tomlin, building429, Warren Barfield, Anberlin(don't thinktheir music is really christian anymore).........I don't know I like so many different kinds of groups and singers.
  15. jsnbrown

    jsnbrown Member

    Nov 14, 2007
    I like building429 also! Do you know why Fearless was written.. It is sad.. :crying:
  16. promisedove

    promisedove Guest

    I don't know why it was written. I really like it but it is sad. Have you seen the music video? It is so powerfull! I think missionaries are so inspiring, how they are so fearless and have complete confidence in God.
  17. jsnbrown

    jsnbrown Member

    Nov 14, 2007
    The music video is pretty much a condensed reason of why it was written. I believe.. :crying:
  18. promisedove

    promisedove Guest

    Did they die or something?
  19. Nightowl

    Nightowl Member

    Apr 29, 2008
    My favorte are thousand foot krutch,thirdday, Anberlin, toby mac i got to meet him. Releint k, Mxpx,Switchfoot,Johan 33 they rock:) and I just brought fire flight cd. itsreally good. my all time favorite is dc talk.
  20. Insufferable

    Insufferable Guest

    Gener:White Metal, Power Metal, Death Metal

    Artist: Saint, Crimson Thorn, Ultimatum, Scourged Flesh, New Eden,

    CD: Released From Damnation By Scourged Flesh
    Crime Scene Earth By Saint
    Dissection By Crimson Thorn
    Stagnant Progression By New Eden

    Songs: Exonerate & Transgressor By Ultimatum
    Judgement Returns & In The Image Of God By Scourged Flesh
    Abyss & The 7TH Trumpet BY Saint

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