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Hey, I know that I've been here for nearly a year now but I was just wondering, where did you get your avatar pic from? Did you personally take it or find it somewhere?
Ah,.. cool! ;)
We travel up to about 15 miles west, 20 miles east, and 30 miles north all by water with countless bays, points, and islands and in all of that area there are only three resorts and two cottages. Otherwise it is uninhabited by humans. If we see more than maybe a dozen other boats during the day we figure it was a lot of traffic. That's how remote this area is.
The resort we stay at is owned and operated by the local First Nation Ojibwe. We have to book our cabin when we leave each year to be sure to have a reservation for the next year.
You're famous! "Snipes," lol. Keep them in line down there, will ya? It seems you're having a vacation? I have nothing to do with it, I swear! Miss you, Brother. (Hope you're ok)