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New profile posts

We encountered often on another Christian forum years ago ..I have not been on a Christian forum for a very long time; but so glad to see your name here as I am guessing you are the same sweet lady I remember. I just joined today.
Hi JLB. I no longer post on the subject of the baptism of the Holy Spirit. If you wish to study the matter it seems it will have to be by PM. God bless, Billy.
Hi. Its my understanding that messages via the pm are limited in length. Would you consider an exchange via e-mail for a lengthy study? God bless, Billy
We could..... But there's a few issues with that. One is I don't check my email that often, so there's a chance that the conversation would lose traction because of my end. The other is that if it is too long a post it might be too long to read without getting lost. At least for me. The limits for a character count can be overcome by splitting the message up into multiple posts.
....besides, I think the character count in the privite mail system has more tolerance then the messages on eachother's profile allow. It's it's longer then that, I might have problems following all of it without a junction to get lost in.
Hi! I now live in Colorado myself. As for spiritual gifts I will be honored to study them with you in the PM if you like. God bless, Billy
ugh that is what I must do. ruin the quality. the irony is that this home has owners who are die hard Bernie supporters.lol
that needs to change. I wanted a church and I have to nearly ruin the quality. let me try again.