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New profile posts

Thank you again for liking my story. I am a little busy right now but I will write more later. I think that you are really cool by the way!
Really cute profile pic. I can't really tell if it's a cat or dog though lol
She's meant to be a wolf, but her proportions are closer to a dog's. An artist was doing "chibi" commissions and they were cute, so I got one of her :) her (the wolf's) name is Samantha
That's what my next guess was going to be. Really cute though. I used to have a friend named Samantha. She was a friend from high school.
Greetings in the name of our beloved Father,
I would like to request access to the Women's Lounge. I am female and definitely over 18. Though I wouldn't mind going back with the wisdom I have now for a do-over. LOL What fun.
Thank you for your consideration of this application.

May every happiness be yours in Christ,
Hi Taylor. Quite rightly I just had my butt kicked over a post in which I said you typed with your elbows.

I owe you a grovelling apology, I was totally unaware that you suffered MS. There's no way I'd poke fun at that, I lost a lovely friend to that some years ago. I made that remark in honest fun assuming you were struggling with predictive text which is something we're all familiar with.

Really really sorry.
Hi, rumor has it you are on vacation for a month.
It seems as though those of us with accrued vacation time are the ones forced to use up our time.
I've had so many vacations, I don't know where to go next.
Hi Reba! :)

I seem to be having some difficulty posting a message to a couple replies I received on a thread, and I was hoping you could help me out with that; it said it may have contained "spam-like or inappropriate elements", and that I should contact an Administrator, but I can assure you there wasn't anything inappropriate about it at all haha. :)
You created the sticky that is the form for the Christianity and Science section. How do we consent to that since that thread is closed?
You may send the form with your agreement to @Stovebolt and he will handle it for you.
JB , Please don't take offence at my opinions .. I consider you a true brother in Christ and love/appreciate you ..
ah the kilted mermaid, that will work. not my best black and white but interesting.
Hey Chopper, I just wanted to tell you that I am now following you because you have great advice and are one of the sweetest guys on here. The fact that you are a Baptist and I am a Methodist really doesn't make any difference to me. I love you buddy and your name reminds me of that dinosaur from The Land Before Time and I really love that series.
Thank you so very much for those kind words of friendship & love. I grew up as a Methodist. My Mother was "born from above" in an old fashioned Methodist Camp Meeting. The modern Methodist Churches (not all) have strayed from the Gospel of Christ Jesus. In order to get saved, the Holy Spirit led me to a Baptist Church. I graduated from a Baptist Bible College.
Happy birthday buddy! Love you so very much and thank you for the time you spent serving our country.
It seems that you and I have an awful lot in common. Your posts make me smile too. I really hope that we can be friends. I'm not sure whether you are a new brother or sister in Christ though, but love you anyway!
Thank you for your kind words. I sorta' got energy from reading your posts and bonded more with this site......smiles and chuckles usually do that for me. By the way, i'm a sister in Christ. It's delightful meeting you :O)