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  • Hi Ms abide; how are you doing? you've changed your avatar photo there; so did you embroider the bed quilt, or something like that? Nice work. Blessings.
    Hi there abide, the link you posted was interesting; reba closed the thread, and this is fine; part of the linked material the God questions? site says: 'If a husband and his wife are in full agreement, with neither being forced or coerced, God has given married couples freedom ... Could this freedom include black leather costumes, non-violent bondage, and role-playing? There is nothing in the Bible that explicitly restricts such activities.' Interesting perspective; obviously it can potentially go over the top and to excess, as the article says as well, but it doesn't necessarily, is the point being made, it seems. Ty for drawing attention to the useful comments, anyway. Blessings
    I know you like classical music. This is the station I listen to classical music right from Princeton NJ. They have small stations all around my area rebroadcasting the music, but you can get them online:


    Just click the "listen online" link and then on the next page you can click the "Listen live now" button. A little flash player will come up playing the classical music.

    Please accept my apology. I THOUGHT your comment when you mentioned the fact that you replied to my post on drought in the USA. Hi, how are you? that is what you wrote. How could I have made such a mistake. Once again, please accept my apology. My eyes probably getting weary.

    Have a great day.
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