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Recent content by Angel Water

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    [__ Prayer __] Prayers for the people of Houston Texas Tropical Storm Harvey devastation is not over yet

    I have to say I joined this site five years ago so I don't know the politics or the makeup of this place as well as some. However, I find it shocking that a thread that make jokes, pokes fun, and is full of banter, and even one post that dismisses the severity of this tragedy that is ongoing...
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    Hell, what is it?

    The current translations say, "can". Which means what? Eternal suffering unrelenting at God's discretion? Or he "can" destroy the body and soul and make it stop?
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    Should women cover their hair? 1 Cor 11

    Very kind of you. Blessings. :hug
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    Hell, what is it?

    Psalm 139:7-10 promises even those in Sheol, the grave , will not be outside the presence of God. I think Hell is separation from God. And that for overlong translations and politics have made translations of the original teaching mean a place of fire and brimstone. When Jesus said in the...
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    A Dozen Don’ts for Christian Apologists (Article)

    Hi BB, I wanted to stop in and say I read this last night before bed. I think this is a great teaching tool for those who love Apologetics. Or just Bible discussion. This is a notable point too I think. 6. Don’t waste your time. “For every hour you spend debating online, you should spend...
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    [__ Prayer __] Pray for a friend

    I can't imagine. :( Holding your friend in prayer.
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    Should women cover their hair? 1 Cor 11

    Legalism is up to the individual to follow or not in my opinion. If someone feels like covering their head during church that's perfectly OK. If not, that is OK too. One comment about the wearing of hoodies, I don't think anyone is able to make a blanket judgment. If that's how they see the...
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    [__ Prayer __] prayers for Verna, please

    May our Father fill her every need. :pray
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    [__ Prayer __] Prayers for the people of Houston Texas Tropical Storm Harvey devastation is not over yet

    Thank you all for your prayers of support. Banks and communications companies are affording opportunity for members to donate to the Red Cross during this time. What a blessing. God protect the people of Houston. From all reports this trouble isn't over yet. :pray:pray
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    What does it mean to perish (apóllymi)?

    A person who is reborn, regenerated, saved by no act of their own , are saved by the grace of The Father who called the name He knew before He created this reality in which the saved do live, never lets go of his sons and daughters. Faith does not save. God's grace saves. Belief does not save...
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    Why do we accept or reject Christ Jesus?

    True. People enjoy their sin. There is also this too that speaks to why people reject Christ. They are not called by the Father. If they love their sin how could they possibly hear him beckon them out of it? "No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws them, and I will raise them...
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    McGregor vs. Mayweather PPV fight tonight _ Anyone watching?

    No. I don't twitter either.
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    McGregor vs. Mayweather PPV fight tonight _ Anyone watching?

    Thanks. I will do that. Edit/ I copied my post 5 and 7 , which I had to split after getting the notification of too long a post, and the total characters with the image URL added is 161. Would maybe total to be 163 characters with the toolbar's two smileys that I added in that post 5.
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    What does it mean to perish (apóllymi)?

    Amen! Jesus died to bring salvation to the world of the lost. Not so that people could choose to undo what God's grace did for all time.
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    WAS Jesus sent only to the Jews?

    Thank you. :)