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  • Oh okay, ty.

    (Yesterday someone calling himself Atonement posted on a thread I had started.)

    Maybe the mods will figure it out?

    Hey maybe you could start a tech thread? I have some questions, and you seem to understand some of those issues. I am very simple when it comes to much of the these things, such as pictures and images! God Bless- Mitspa
    Glad I see it was a name change! I was kinda confused for a min! God Bless- Mitspa
    ok. well i can help with i have read and as the spirit shows me from the jewish angle that i prefer to see things. so many gentile churches get it wrong. they dont spend time in the jewish way of seeing the stories and how they did. we have on hear who says the talmudic jew is evil. um theres some talmudic accounts in genesis and well genesis is techanically a talmud that was written. the jews pass their law orally and written then. they didnt write their commentary down until the third century.sure some of its off. but then agian so is a lot of christian commentary.i have a whacky bible i paid 45 dollars for. the commentator is a known racist and is defrocked by my denomation and didnt believe that son of god was the Son until he was baptised.
    i will try to keep it simple in that genesis thread. what is your intention with that?
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