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  1. Biblesurveyor

    Interview with The Devil dot com

    I would like to know the devil's response if the interviewer had said this: The Word, which you know is true, also gives a description of your destination. Also you know that forever is a long time. Revelation 20 is a vivid reminder of where you’re headed. You will join the beast and false...
  2. Biblesurveyor

    In Today's News

    The heat continues. I hope it will end soon.
  3. Biblesurveyor

    Harlot and the Beast

    I am not sure what the beast is. The first one rises up out of the sea (R 13:1) and the second one rises out of the earth (v11) and convinces those on earth to make an image of the first beast and to give it breath (possible computer animation). Then we must have the "mark" of him on us before...
  4. Biblesurveyor

    End Times According to Matthew 24 and 25 Part 1

    So, if I'm not out in left field, the tribulation period that is the worst, is the last 3.5 years in the 70th week. (v 15)So when you see the abomination of desolation ....... those in Judea flee to the mountains…….. 21 For then there will be great tribulation. (Dan 9:27) In the middle of the...
  5. Biblesurveyor


    That's interesting, but I don't get any angels at my door. They're always either JW's or LDS people, and we talk awhile, I use my bible (which they don't like), and after a little while they leave, (always a little frustrated, I think)
  6. Biblesurveyor

    Photographs I Picked This Up At A Garage Sale Today

    No, I want one that says "Come and get me."
  7. Biblesurveyor

    Bible Study how do you debate the lovley atheists

    Just so we know who we are dealing with, let's define an atheist. (others may add or subtract) An atheist is one who believes that there is no absolute morality, and that a deity is not needed to have a happy and fulfilled life. They believe in only the physical universe, and all laws that...
  8. Biblesurveyor

    If The Rapture Happened...

    After the rapture, there will be a lot of chaos, weather-wise, I think. One reason is that there will be a loss of mass on the earth as a lot of Christians disappear. For instance, if 25,000,000 (speaking conservatively) people were gone (at an average weight of 140 lbs), then that's one and...
  9. Biblesurveyor

    In Today's News

    I'm sorry folks, this is the worst news I've heard lately. It seems a "new era" has begun, and its not pleasant - its the age of the "downloadable gun" not capable of being registered or licensed. (I feel less safe than before, and I have security lights, a barking dog, and a security system...
  10. Biblesurveyor

    tell me your name and its meaning-

    In a forum, I usually don't give my name, but its a book in the old testament. (it is not Zephaniah)
  11. Biblesurveyor

    [__ Prayer __] yet another shooting

    I'm going to take a line from a movie "A few good men", except I'll change a word or two. "We live in a world that has halls, and those halls have to be guarded by men with guns. Who’s gonna do it? You? Counselor? I have a greater responsibility than you could possibly fathom, and that's...
  12. Biblesurveyor

    [__ Prayer __] yet another shooting

    It seems to me that you have answered my concerns. All of the background checks, gun control, mental health checks, etc are all good, but many times they fail to ferret out the danger cases. And you can't blame the teachers. Go through a day with a teacher sometime and try to cover all the...
  13. Biblesurveyor

    [__ Prayer __] yet another shooting

    "Are you saying that ANY disruption will be met with armed response? " Of course not (as far as any disruption). I mean a "clear and present endangerment of lives", such as displaying a weapon. Teachers are familiar with the students, and believe me, they know who the suspicious ones are. If...
  14. Biblesurveyor

    [__ Prayer __] yet another shooting

    We need large signs close to the entrance of schools that say this (or something equivalent) WARNING: PROCEED WITH CAUTION: ANY DISRUPTION WILL BE MET WITH ARMED STAFF MEMBERS WHO ARE INSTRUCTED TO SHOOT TO KILL!!! And it must be enforced, for the safety of the students! Once this gets...
  15. Biblesurveyor

    Unveiled Secrets The Rapture

    "The rapture is not 7 years. It is 3.5 years. " I don't follow you. Did you mean to say the "great tribulation" as explained in Matt 24:21? " For then there will be a great tribulation, such as has not occurred since the beginning of the world until now, nor ever will". And did you mean the...