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Recent content by brother Paul

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    Bible Study Numbers 12:1

    Though there is controversy about whether this is Zipporah, I would say NO! Zipporah was a Midianite (of the line of shem) from the family of Jethro a Midianite priest and herdsman. This wife was Cushite (of the line of Ham) and they settled in Ethiopia. Long before Moses the Ethiopians...
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    [__ Science __ ] Why Do I Do This?

    Well there is a physiological reason as well. Lifestyle training though years of repeatedly pushing the sleep envelope (trying to stay up for whatever reason as a kid, and then as a young adult, i.e., drinking Monster or playing videos) conditions the brain activity to intepret the dropping of...
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    [__ Science __ ] Does fusion at Chromosome 2 indicate divergence from ape-kind?

    Sounds reasonable to me. Could Cain when banished to the land of Nod (which means the wanderers) have been banished among the Neanderthals?
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    [__ Science __ ] Does fusion at Chromosome 2 indicate divergence from ape-kind?

    I must admit I was alerted to a recent study that indicated they did find a Chromo 2 fusion in Denisovans (a John Hawkes blog) but cannot find the actual study.
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    [__ Science __ ] Does fusion at Chromosome 2 indicate divergence from ape-kind?

    Gene Fusions within Chromosomes are not altogether uncommon. In fact, they are very common among what man has labeled Equids (horses, Zebras, and donkeys). Modern horses we are more familiar with and the Mongolian Wild horse (also called Przewalski's horse) demonstrate such an example. The...
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    [__ Science __ ] The Human Body

    If you cross a Polarbear with a Hemoroid do you get a Polaroid?
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    [__ Prayer __] another request

    May He use your lips to comfort, heal, and resolve...be blessed.
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    [__ Prayer __] Prayer Request for KOCIE #5

    Praying for you the team and those hurting women...
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    [__ Prayer __] Prayers for Eileen

    Asking for prayer for my sister in law Eileen. She has had Lymphedema for years in both legs. Recently she has developed infectious cellulitis and they are considering taking her leg off. p[lease pray the Lord will rebuke and kill the bacteria causing this as her family needs her. Thanks for...
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    [__ Science __ ] This is Always Interesting

    I agree for the most part, but the "dur" could just as easily be saying tossed and turned round about when He places them in this other country wherein they will be killed. There are really only a handful of Hebrew words there and this is what I meant when I said what God might have said as...
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    [__ Science __ ] This is Always Interesting

    One thing Jack....people reading it must separate what God says, and what people believe or say...and secondly one must divide general common phrases from alleged statements of fact...for example one can read "the four corners of the earth" and assume this means that God is claiming the world...
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    Other voices

    Why is it not an equally plausible explanation that SOME humans on occasion or under the right (or corrupted) conditions can perceive in areas of the spectrum (sight and sound) that normal humans cannot perceive in? We know there are sounds outside our range of hearing and sights as well so why...
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    [__ Science __ ] Were Dragons Really Dinosaurs?

    Singular blobs of undifferentiated polymers acted on by an outside intelligent force....
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    [__ Science __ ] CHECK THIS OUT!!!

    Ever explore the "cold electron emission" revealed by the Kurlian Camera experiments? Could it be that SOME ancient people actually perceived this with an altered consciousness?
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    [__ Science __ ] Is There A Scientific Reason For This?

    No they did that with Jesus cross...(a bit of really bad humor)...and by His stripes we are healed.