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  • Thanks for your posts on my thread. The Jeremiah passage is interesting and I want to look into it more, I've never seen that one before. I can't believe I've never seen it. I really need to get into the OT more.

    Also thanks for your information on Luke's parable.
    I'd say all of this on the thread, but I feel like I've been posting too much there. I can't stop myself sometimes, but (well, you know)
    Just wanted to say I have been reading more of your posts and I agree with many things you have said.
    You can view the parables through online. Just google it. I think there was 133 parables he gave to Judas thomas. It says if you find the wisdom to solve the parables then you will have eternity according to Christ in the beggining statement within the parables. Goodluck.
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