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  1. Christ_empowered

    good devotional

    yes, yes; its from Ligonier, -again- https://www.ligonier.org/blog/supreme-malediction-jesus-became-curse/
  2. Christ_empowered

    Knowing It In Your Heart...vs...A Gut Feeling

    my opinion... i think discernment is in part, God-given. I cannot recall the address, but Scripture teaches as much. I do not think God tells us to ignore our feelings, thoughts, etc., but... we are to hold all thoughts captive to Christ... and that ranges from the 'stuff' out...
  3. Christ_empowered

    [__ Prayer __] Neeeding your prayers

    and audio books are awesome. i hope you enjoy listening to Scripture :-)
  4. Christ_empowered

    [__ Prayer __] Neeeding your prayers

    our prayers are going up.... and The Lord knows right where you're at, Tessa. :-)
  5. Christ_empowered

    The Bible and Slavery

    i read about the abolitionist movement, and...as it was really heating up, in the years leading the The Civil War, some southerners made a point that I think holds true, to an extent, today: what's the real difference between the southern slavery and the "wage slavery" that was so prevalent in...
  6. Christ_empowered

    Knowing It In Your Heart...vs...A Gut Feeling

    ok...i do think God still communicates with His people. Scripture, properly interpreted, is the best criteria by which a Christian can judge...anything, really...possible promptings from The Holy Spirit included. :-)
  7. Christ_empowered

    Knowing It In Your Heart...vs...A Gut Feeling

    discernment is a tricksy thing...I think it requires a touch from God and also personal discipline, to cultivate and sharpen it.
  8. Christ_empowered

    Hello and blessings to all

    hi, and welcome to cfnet. your life sounds -intense- right now. I hope maybe this place will offer some space in which to learn and relax, too. again; welcome to CFnet. :-)
  9. Christ_empowered

    [__ Prayer __] Prayer for our Deacon whos son was murdered.

    how horrible. seriously. praying. :-)
  10. Christ_empowered

    Notre Dame is Disappearing

    the little bit of news i read on it said there was a restoration effort underway, and that may have somehow started the fire. thankfully, right now, it does -not- appear to have been set ablaze, intentionally...so there's hope for humanity, yet. salma hayek's husband (probably not spelled...
  11. Christ_empowered

    An ATONEMENT Theory?

    hi. ok, I think Scripture offers a kind of nuanced view of this, honestly. 1st...the OT prophecies were fulfilled in Christ, and Him Crucified...so this was/is part of God's plan for mankind's redemption from before time began. and.... the Old Covenant was fulfilled in Christ's birth, life...
  12. Christ_empowered

    An ATONEMENT Theory?

    "my sins killed Jesus" I thought it was crazy insane when I first heard it...now I believe it, too. :-)
  13. Christ_empowered

    Core Christianity given the downgrade

    hey, oz. i read the article. we have stuff like that happening over here, too (predictably...I guess its a postmodern, affluent society phenomenom?). The biggest target I can think of is the actress who was in Full House, candace cameron bure (probably not spelled correctly). she's a...