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Recent content by Christ_empowered

  1. Christ_empowered

    [__ Praise __] I Have Very Happy and Exciting News

    yay. awesome. thanks for the praise report, btw. :-)
  2. Christ_empowered

    [__ Prayer __] my parents

    me, again. God is merciful! Dad's doing better. Sunday Dinner is back on. :-) I do wish they'd see a doctor more often, though...
  3. Christ_empowered

    [__ Prayer __] my parents

    they're -wonderful- people. dad apparently came down hard with an illness, very suddenly. mama's taking care of him, thank goodness. God has been kind to them...they're early 60s, both look and act younger, no major health problems. I just...well, they have very good insurance and sufficient...
  4. Christ_empowered


    i dont make my own pasta (aldi has excellent prices, even on tortellini...), but I did make my very own cream sauce the other night. good times. loads of olive oil, chicken stock, spices, and...well...cream (hey, bet you didn't see that one coming, did you? LOL). I was pleasantly surprised...
  5. Christ_empowered

    [__ Science __ ] cannabis

    just saw this...a new study using a cannabis-derived drug to boost the effects of tranquilizers/"antipsychotics" in psychosis. https://www.madinamerica.com/2019/02/new-study-investigates-cbd-psychosis/
  6. Christ_empowered

    Who Makes the Best Burgers?

    Fuddruckers is #1 in my area....
  7. Christ_empowered

    [__ Prayer __] bullies...

    thanks :-) bullying...is rough. now that I'm labeled with "Schizophrenia," its kinda...well, everyone's life is somewhat complicated, especially after the age of 25 or so. mine is...simple, very simple in many respects, but the "severe mental illness" adds a layer of... yeah, it is what it...
  8. Christ_empowered

    an analysis of "tax the rich"

    ok. each nation is different. in the us, it looks like more spending on social programs would save money on the massive prison and jail system. the high taxes go for the very high income ppl, and there arent many of those. and the high taxes AOC and some of her allies are suggesting are just...
  9. Christ_empowered

    [__ Prayer __] bullies...

    im not well liked in my community. former wretch, saved by grace, fairly recently...transformed, even physically, lifted out of the miry clay and put on solid rock. God is Good! People? no. not so much. LOL. :-) i don't like being bullied, but i guess there's angry, surly, people in the world...
  10. Christ_empowered

    SOF Sin Nature

    welcome to CFnet, Ruth's promise. I believe the prayers of other Christians who believed in Jesus and believed in His power to save me and eventually make me whole are a big part of my "spiritual journey" that I will probably never be fully aware of, this side of Heaven. A Bible-believing...
  11. Christ_empowered

    an analysis of "tax the rich"

    the idea is to tame the dark side of capitalism (oligarchy, corporate excess, pockets of extreme poverty) by taxing -extremely high- incomes and estates. the -vast- majority of people would only benefit. I think its also worth noting that this is more about bringing back the New Deal-style...
  12. Christ_empowered

    Bible Study Age of accountability is nowhere found in the Bible

    just jumping in here...i got very excited when i saw that reba had posted.... 1 Corinthians 2:10-12 I lean Calvinist...but only because, as a Christian, I see Hell as an expression of God's justice and overall character and plan for humanity. so.... to paraphrase a calvinist text I read...
  13. Christ_empowered

    an analysis of "tax the rich"

    this is well-written and thoughtful....apparently, some of the "socialist" reforms are just rehashing old tax laws from 1946-1980. who knew? https://www.counterpunch.org/2019/02/12/how-a-70-percent-marginal-tax-rate-on-top-earners-can-reduce-inequality/
  14. Christ_empowered

    [__ Prayer __] Son's new med concern

    i think some older antidepressants are used now and then for migraines...the tricyclics, in particular. and a lot of anti-seizure drugs which can also make mood worse, cause depression, suicidality, etc... and I think the effects tend to be more common in those 24 or under, for whatever...
  15. Christ_empowered

    [__ Prayer __] Dad in the Hospital

    praying. :-) sow all the seeds you can, as God leads you.