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Recent content by Edward

  1. Edward

    Does Anyone Have A Vinaigrette Recipe?

    I've never tried making it before but I think I could easy. I assume it's prolly Olive Oil and Balsamic vinegar as a base and a few spices? I don't like store bought dressing too much anymore. I think I prolly have everything to make it...I love salad... Anyone have a recipe for it?
  2. Edward

    Your Word for Today

    I think that there is more to this than that. When we receive the Lord and He begins the sanctification process on us, it takes a period of time, and He told me that I should take communion every day. I think that (since the prayer of a righteous man availeth much), that when we pray over the...
  3. Edward

    The Millennial Reign

    What is the purpose of the Millennial Reign of Jesus for the 1000 years here on earth? To fulfill the prophecies about it obviously, and perhaps to show us how it would have been or should have been had corruption not entered the world and caused man kinds fall? And a final test of us when...
  4. Edward

    With Liberty And Justice For ALL

    Sometimes if you pay attention the Holy Spirit can make you click on certain videos so that He can speak to you through another Brother in Christ/Servant of God and the message contained just speaks to you so deeply and brings more of the bigger picture of the knowledge of God's name and power...
  5. Edward

    [__ Prayer __] Let Us Pray In Agreement For An Old Friend Of Mine

    This is one of those, A-Ha moments. You are right and that didn't occur to me yet but is absolutely true. I did plant some seeds there and he prolly needs some time to ponder these things and then those seeds will be watered again somewhere for him. I feel better now Sis, thanks! I certainly...
  6. Edward

    In Today's News

    Have you guys ever seen the Movie, Absent Malice, with Paul Newman? That is a good flick and the basis of the media's attack on Jon Benet's brother. They play innocent, just reporting the news folks! Yeah, right. Profiteering. Paul Newman got some good revenge in the movie for them doing...
  7. Edward

    In Today's News

    I followed that case pretty closely when it happened because it was in Colorado. So the Photographer was trying to make a profit on the young child's death, selling pictures of her. That does not sound like something anyone should ever do. That does not sit right with me. I also watched that...
  8. Edward

    [__ Prayer __] Let Us Pray In Agreement For An Old Friend Of Mine

    I agree and that is exactly what I thought. I've never got that sort of reaction from anyone before, especially an old friend. It caught me off guard and I wasn't expecting that. I have other old friends who are not born again and I have told them that I am, and and they all have listened to me...
  9. Edward

    Bible Study Warning Against Slothfulness

    That is a very well written article and an even greater confirmation through the scriptures of Hebrews 6 about the importance of pressing forward into our relationship and our knowledge of God. It pays to do a study with the help of the blueletterbible on this chapter of scripture and especially...
  10. Edward

    [__ Prayer __] Let Us Pray In Agreement For An Old Friend Of Mine

    So there is an long time friend of mine that I have known for many years since I was about 18 or 19, named Derald. He even moved him and his family out to Colorado for a few years when I was living out there. Then he moved back to Ohio for some reason and we kind of fell out of touch with each...
  11. Edward

    [__ Science __ ] Why Do We Fall In Love?

    Ok, so when it was just the one girl and man, she was getting his attention. But she did not want it. But after they introduced the 2nd girl into the mix, he gave the 2nd girl his attention, thereby she lost what she now considers to be hers so the 2nd girl had what was hers and she began...
  12. Edward

    The Derailing Thread Part Two

    That's right Brother. Dang, I thought the roads in Colorado were bad...until I came here to Canton! These roads make Colorado roads look nice!
  13. Edward

    [__ Science __ ] Why Do We Fall In Love?

    I am remembering something that I read years ago. Supposedly they did some sort of study and would put two strangers (A male & a female) together in some sort of studio apt thing to see how they reacted over a period of time to each other. I forget how long it was to be, but they did it. So...
  14. Edward

    ¿Independance Day?

    I found myself wondering yesterday...Independence Day...we celebrate our independence...but from who? I know what they say...but I'm not sure I buy that any more. What do you think?
  15. Edward

    [__ Science __ ] Why Do We Fall In Love?

    When me and my Wife were in the early years, we was so close to each other that, we were actually pretty much telepathic with each other. I wasn't walking with the Lord then, but I noticed it and it blew my mind! It was because I had pure intentions towards her and wanted to show her my love and...