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Recent content by farouk

  1. farouk


    (Deleted, response to deleted post. Obadiah.)
  2. farouk

    [__ Prayer __] Pray for my family

    Encourage them to go back to John 3 and refresh their understanding of being born again!
  3. farouk

    What happend to Farouk?

    Until the mods change their minds, I can't respond on the subject mentioned! Hope you guys are doing okay. Blessings.
  4. farouk

    Which is the most important gift?

    "Thanks be unto God for His unspeakable gift" (2 Corinthians 9.15).
  5. farouk

    what are you listening to right now?

    questdriven: Do you do karate? :)
  6. farouk

    what are you listening to right now?

    Hi questdriven This is rigorous,quality hard rock, right? The lyrics about the sovereign intervening to destroy one's selfishness refers in your mind to the effect of faith in the Lord Jesus, right? :) Blessings.
  7. farouk

    Christian Hip Hop

    questdriven: It's mainly the lyrics that really count, right? The style is more subjective. Blessings.
  8. farouk

    Christian Hip Hop

    Disciple's 'Battle Lines' is really good, right? :)
  9. farouk

    Can Love for the Bible Get in the Way of a Relationship with God?

    Well, exactly. We cannot replace the God of the Bible with a supposed God of our imagination.
  10. farouk

    Spring is almost here

    It's not a novelty when shovelling snow or sliding on ice, or when there is an outage for a few days... :) Blessings.
  11. farouk

    Spring is almost here

    Umm...more snow dumping this past week...
  12. farouk

    Hi! I'm new here and woefully inexperienced in forum usage/posting...

    Hi how are you doing? good to see you; God bless His Word to you.
  13. farouk

    Words of encouragement

    Exactly! :)
  14. farouk

    Spring is almost here

    WOW.........:) We are under snow...
  15. farouk

    Spring is almost here

    Wow :) We are under snow and ice up here...