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  1. Gordon

    Marrying a fellow Christian is only a step

    I was like you once not with science but with testing other spiritual ideas. To me the world obviously had a spiritual component but I would not look to the Bible to understand. To you the world has to make sense through science. I realized I always believed but I just didn't want to deal with...
  2. Gordon

    Marrying a fellow Christian is only a step

    I think you are a very compassionate person. You are here on a Christian site not to bring down the faith by your feelings but to be in fellowship. It sounds like some of your ideas about our God cause your soul to wince...I am actually happy in a great suffering I am going through to be of...
  3. Gordon

    Marrying a fellow Christian is only a step

    Why do you think not everyone is going to be saved? Do you know Jesus is coming to reign on Earth for a thousand years? As for knowing God we have the Bible...and Christians have God living inside them.
  4. Gordon

    Marrying a fellow Christian is only a step

    Do you think a Greatly merciful God would completely spell out the depth of His mercy if He wanted us all to live godly lives?
  5. Gordon

    What was i thinking???

    Thats awesome man. You sound like an awesome dad.
  6. Gordon

    Marrying a fellow Christian is only a step

    I apologize if I came across as sounding offended. I was just concerned for you...You seem very smart but you have missed what I said two times...I said that if one christian marries another faith even the unbeliever gets life and not hell. They are justified by their spouse...I think you should...
  7. Gordon

    Marrying a fellow Christian is only a step

    It sounds like you are convinced the God of the Bible is a harsh and unmerciful God. Do you think that God would say a person is justified by their believing spouse so he could punish that person? That's crazy. God wants everyone to choose life. Is it a big deal that they choose not to love and...
  8. Gordon

    I am angry with God

    It's okay to be angry as long as you don't lecture God. I bought a fitness program I have yet to get into about this guy who had horrible genetics and was on the scrawny side yet he got huge and now makes money teaching people how to do the same. If you are meant for golf there are things you...
  9. Gordon

    Marrying a fellow Christian is only a step

    God wants Christians to marry Christians. However an unbeliever is saved by Jesus through their believing spouse. God's plan is not to put couples through life together and let the saved spouse lose the other spouse. You shouldn't give up on converting them but God is a kind God.
  10. Gordon

    Do I need to be re-baptized?

    Yes you should be baptized again. The Holy Spirit never left you but you were on the path to hell. Giving up a saving faith is something that calls for a second baptism.
  11. Gordon

    [ Testimony ] An Indescribable Feeling

    Thank you for sharing. On the road to day a man in black on the road on the road loved you.
  12. Gordon

    In need of serious advice!

    That was God. You should tell him how you feel.
  13. Gordon

    [__ Prayer __] I need prayer and council for doubting the excistence of God

    The proof of Jesus is God using Airdancer to speak to you. Prayers for you Juliet who is in God. God loves you more than you know. Prayers you know you are His. Prayers Airdancer who is His God used to help you. Prayer you pm Airdancer. Prayers Airdancer pm you.
  14. Gordon

    Hello im new!

    Hello :wave
  15. Gordon

    [__ Prayer __] A God who loves more than you know

    I've been there too. I think the most important step in healing is to understand deeply Jesus loves you. That's why I wanted to share this. I hope you share about what you are dealing with.