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    hello, i`m new

    Hi Darius.
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    Good Morning

    Hi Dusty!
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    Newbie on the board!!

    Hi ssippigirl. In case you don't know, we do have a women's only forum.
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    Hi all

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    Hi Nessa! You've come to a good place. I jut want to add a few words, too. Christianity is not a "religion" to those who believe. It is a relationship (a friendship, really) with Jesus, who saves us. This is a great place to ask questions! Feel free to ask away!
  7. heather

    Hello All...

    Hi Justin! We're so glad you found us. And welcome to parenthood. I have an almost 4-month old baby girl. Children are such a blessing. Have fun! And welcome to CF.
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    Newbie coming in!

    Hi jickis31! Welcome.
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    Hi Hollie! It's so refreshing to hear these stories. When I was younger I rebelled too. I think it's a requirement. lol. Anyway, welcome!
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    Hi! I'm Abraham

    Hi Abraham! You've come to a good place. Welcome!
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    How are you ?

    Until you've reached a certain number of posts (I think it's 10), all of your posts must be approved.
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    Hi Angel! Welcome!
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    Place witty intro title here. ;)

    Hi Keri!
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    How are you ?

    Hi! Welcome to the forums.
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    hi. i'm frank

    Hi Frank!