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Recent content by Jacy

  1. Jacy

    Purity Ministry

    Recently I launched a ministry website called Preserved Ministries I offer one-on-one bible studies and feature my new e-book about emotional purity called "The Palace Keepers." Please take a moment and check it out! Purity is so important for today's generation...
  2. Jacy

    In an Awful Spot and I Need Advice!!!

    Mike, I know how much you are concerned about your friends but this is when you leave them in God's hands and let them talk with one another. As a married woman, I personally feel that having a male friend that to confide in is dangerous. Secrets and heart-to-heart conversations can lead to...
  3. Jacy

    A terrific TRINITY Scripture passage

    Reading these posts I couldn't help but chime in here... If in fact there are three persons to a "Trinitarian God" which I in fact do not believe based on my own relationship with God and sound scripture studies, then you have to admit that they need to be co-equal. If they are co-equal...
  4. Jacy

    I think I have a church you'd like! What part of Maryland are you from? Inbox me and I'll send...

    I think I have a church you'd like! What part of Maryland are you from? Inbox me and I'll send you the correct address :)
  5. Jacy

    Why Does God Permit Evil and Suffering?

    We are forgetting that God is the Creator of everything...including evil: Isa 45:7 "I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things." However, God never intended for evil to take on the form it did. It is meant as a tool to conform us to His...
  6. Jacy

    Emotional Purity: Is there enough talk about it??

    Yes, that is definitely part of the purity process...filtering what goes in and out of our palace, which includes our minds and hearts
  7. Jacy

    I had that too!! It lasted only a few days...glad everything worked out.

    I had that too!! It lasted only a few days...glad everything worked out.
  8. Jacy

    Hey Jarred, just checking in, hope all is well, Lord bless!! :)

    Hey Jarred, just checking in, hope all is well, Lord bless!! :)
  9. Jacy

    Hi Ian, hope all is well :)

    Hi Ian, hope all is well :)
  10. Jacy

    When We Do Not Understand

    Amen!!!!!!! Zach, truly heartfelt words and truth! May the Lord Jesus also keep you and hold you close, continually revealing who He is to you in every way, every day. Thank you for yielding to God's call to post this...much needed, praise the Lord!
  11. Jacy

    I am new, Lord Bless!

    @Riverwolf, thank you so much, Lord bless :) @Josh, I appreciate you taking the time to read about my book and the mission that God has placed on my heart. This message is something that I struggled with for years and ultimately brought me to know who Jesus was, and be born again by the water...
  12. Jacy

    Local Connecticut Bible Study!

    Mike, That is great, thank you. What forum did you move it to? I thank you for your prayers! I am excited about what God is going to do...I will def update in the near future :)
  13. Jacy

    Local Connecticut Bible Study!

    Hello everyone!! I just wanted to let anyone who lives locally in CT that I will be teaching a Bible Study class at the Pearl Street Library in Enfield CT. The class starts this Friday, May 13th from 6pm to 8pm. All ages invited, no sign-up required. If you feel led to comes, you can feel free...
  14. Jacy

    Hell can't be what we think of it as

    There really is no small sin...sin is sin regardless...whether you steal a piece of bubble gum from the store or murder your neighbor, God sees both as an act against what He stands for. Basically, it is between two choices...following God or following yourself (not God.) That's it, black and...
  15. Jacy

    My book campaign: The Palace Keepers

    Hello there, My name is Jacy Pulford and I am 26 years old. Currently, I have been working on a project that God has put into my heart and I have been sharing this message with many outlets, praying for people to help spread the word. Some of you know that I am writing a book about emotional...