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Recent content by jasonc

  1. jasonc

    Photographs robot caddy

    my issue is how cheap we build with robots and electronics .we push recycling and have priced the idea of soldering and fixing the appliance out the mind .makes no sense
  2. jasonc

    5 Reasons Why Grandparents Are Important

    lord thanks for mine. I miss them often .john for his love of a park ,harry for his sense of duty ,wisdom ,Adele for her directly way of saying things ,Mary whom I never knew ,her compassion
  3. jasonc

    Photographs robot caddy

    that or those would help my,wife .ra,ugh
  4. jasonc

    Photographs robot caddy

    I have been getting the route often ,I took my photo from where I was reading. a meter ,it crossed in,front of me .
  5. jasonc

    Photographs robot caddy

    i saw it last month even closer and it had a beeping sound as it moved ,the owner was directing it ,It might be the same guy .
  6. jasonc

    Photographs robot caddy

    Michael74 zoom in to see the robot caddy ,it can be controlled by a romote command or ordered to follow by its own sensory ,which I have seen both ,both times at this location .it will stop and adjust its self to be where it should
  7. 0303211313.jpg


  8. jasonc

    Photographs memories

    I am a former antique store I was sold to a fat boys chain and the original owner made custom seats for the place I had two kitchen fires I am full of memories of teens after football games I am loved one by one man who would walk miles to enjoy my meals I am now owned by an old town family...
  9. jasonc

    [__ Prayer __] 2 mar 11 ,2 mar 21 a day of sorrow

    im not at liberty to say where ,but I met one the parents
  10. jasonc

    [__ Prayer __] 2 mar 11 ,2 mar 21 a day of sorrow

    I ask you pray for the father of seairmen. first class cuddeback,he is a vet him self and regrets asking his son to joining . today is extra hard .
  11. jasonc

    [__ Science __ ] Can you be an athletic superstar just be switching a switch on your wrist?

    no,man monkeys up much simpler things . we can even keep my state waters for run off safe ,see the red,brown and green tide issues that are caused by man in Florida in part . fixing a health issue is one thing but modifying is another
  12. jasonc

    The Powers That Be

    I'm all for derugalation of power monopolies ,but that was deceptive . I'm not into that bit well price gouging laws I have issues with . may I take my 55 gallon drum to full up during a hurricane ? yup ,I used at the most 20 for my generator ,if you have that large of a system use a set up...
  13. jasonc

    The Powers That Be

    the situation given Texas and the storms is whacky . even if they could force you to pay the several grand for fuel usage ,the average time to get it would have them out of business.
  14. jasonc

    Photographs the eccentric and his barn

    its probable but seldom used as it was a Chinese restaurant
  15. jasonc

    Photographs the eccentric and his barn

    I was a forgotten barn I was moved one block West and a block south . I was made into a bar and restaurant I have paintings by women and these are rare I was made In 1957 into what you see I am tied to the patio,the secret garden ,the jungle and the driftwood , I am not far from the secret...