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    Strengthening families through biblical principles.

    Focus on the Family addresses the use of biblical principles in parenting and marriage to strengthen the family.

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  • Congratulations Jason!!! It makes me happy to see that you're full of the joy of a home full of grandchildren. Is it Nathan right?
    The babies will have some what the same look that will be nicer for them.... What blue spot?
    Wonderful the little ones are so sweet and they are little for such a very short time...
    God blessed him with a lovely Christian wife. I pray she helps with that ... so far its a good bet... :)
    Well I am in the Administration team :lol

    I found seasons 9 and 10 of SG1 quite good. I thought the dynamics between the team were just as good as before, and Mitchell was a good replacement for O'Niel. I was quite happy to watch the extra 2 seasons. :)

    My plan is to move along to Atlantis soon, but I"m also going through How I Met Your Mother and a few others. I'm thinking of going through House too.
    Really? I thought that's where the Aussie's stole the idea from (after all we are all thieving convicts :lol)
    The what a family of Champions.. I fought thai and international rules back in the day. although it's more punishing physically,i preferred the Thai rules. Simply because that was the style I trained in. Both have good merits though. National all styles was more traditional, Karate V Kung Fu, tae kwon do, judo,jui jitsu etc. Kept us on our toes defending against multiple attack styles. The day i won the state championship I had 4 bouts of 3x 5minutes rounds against 4 styles....boy was I glad when that was over ...AND SORE!
    I dont know why it did a multiple post then Jason, sorry about that. I'm definitely NOT trying to spam you
    Gracie BJJ or Californian? Both are pretty heavy styles and very street effective. Kenchi Ga Ryu is more street effective than the older styles of karate too. Kickboxing international rules or Thai?
    Is that you in the pic with your daughter?
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